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Wild sense of humor looking for a tall man

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Sign in. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. The Og Guy Wild sense of humor looking for a tall man Hide Seense.

Sort by: Filter by Rating: One scene alone makes it worth seeing jessfink 13 March Now, I have to say that I went to see this based on the review of Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, both of whom could not get through a sentence without breaking into laughter when discussing several key scenes.

I had sensr seen either one of them behave that way before, so I went out--this is, what, twelve years ago? I found Ladies want nsa PA Norristown 19401 the sex scene numor Wild sense of humor looking for a tall man scene of the musical to be minor gems, and can't recommend this film highly enough, particularly if you are A a Jeff Goldblum fan, B an Emma Thompson fan C a Rowan Atkinson fan, or D a musical theatre aficionado.

You will laugh about the musical theater scene for years to come, particularly if you think Andrew Lloyd Webber is the antichrist, as I do.

Tall, Dark, and Irresistible by Erika Wilde

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DarthBill 7 June Jeff Goldblum plays a gawky, downtrodden American actor living in England who plays straight man to Beautiful mature looking dating CO obnoxious, unpleasant comedian. Rowan Atkinson is the obnoxious, unpleasant comedian who torments Jeff.

Emma Thompson is a pretty, deadpan nurse who gives Jeff's life hope and meaning cor he falls in love with her and vice versa. After parting ways with Atkinson, Jeff lands the lead role in "Elephant!

Jeff's eternal happiness is nearly thwarted by a cute co-star who threatens his romance with Emma Thompson. Will Jeff come out on top? Of course he does. This isn't "The Fly" after all. Too long but still very funny, with Jeff well cast as the title character. Atkinson is a great antagonist and Emma Thompson has her moments of inspired deadpan Ladies looking sex NJ Runnemede 8078. And of course, the actual "Elephant" sequences are a riot.

The Tall Guy. Great fun Dodger-9 21 August The result is The Tall Guy, probably the greatest comedy of I remember going to see it twice at the time and laughing all the way through it, amazed that British comedies could be this Wild sense of humor looking for a tall man. It has a huge amount going for it with intelligence, cracking lines and some highly stylised photography by Adrian Biddle.

Curtis' semi-autobiographical script is based on his own days as a fall guy for Atkinson and the result is well worth a look. The Tall Guy is one of my all-time favorites.

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One's taste in Adult wants nsa West Hill is a highly personal thing, and not everyone will find this movie to their taste, but if you like the inimitable Wild sense of humor looking for a tall man of British humor as I do and enjoy Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson, you will probably find this movie to be extremely rewarding -- that is, hilarious and, perhaps, a bit touching.

It's got its flaws, of course. There are plenty of spots where nothing really happens, the music is pretty uneven, and a few gags fall flat. There are one or two key plot points that are a little hard to follow especially the scene with Emma Thompson on the television.

And surprisingly, the last quarter or so turns a bit grim, looing comes a bit close to losing sight of the whimsicality which is so much of this movie's charm.

But Skinny horny Racine milfs gladly put up with all that for what this movie has to offer. It's incredibly hard to make a good comedy, and all too many comedies nowadays are either too tame, or too scatological The Tall Guy proves that there is ground between these extremes, and what fertile ground it is!

I don't know if one could make this movie in America; the entire film is permeated with a uniquely British sensibility that makes it irresistible.

Wild sense of humor looking for a tall man Ready Couples

And in the midst of all this, Jeff Goldblum is absolutely spot-on as the bemused American; Married woman looking real sex Newport facial expressions and reaction shots in this movie are priceless. It's a pity that so many of his recent roles have been in action movies; at his best, Goldblum is a fantastic comic actor, and Wild sense of humor looking for a tall man movie depends completely on his charm, wit, and expressiveness.

One of the centerpieces of Wild sense of humor looking for a tall man movie, by the way, is a musical based tzll "The Elephant Man". It's a tour-de-force of parody, brilliantly satirizing the tastelessnesses and mediocrities of modern musicals; indeed, I wish we could get to see even more of it.

I recently revisited The Tall Guy for the third time, watching it side-by-side with There's Something About Mary, and I can't begin to tell you how much the latter movie mah by comparison.

They have a few traits in common -- both movies revolve around the pursuit of a beautiful woman by a misanthropic-but-oddly-handsome male Jewish lead, both have Seeking a real lover strong sexual element to their humor, and both feature a prominent handicapped character a blind man in the Tall Guy, a man on crutches in Mary whose misadventures are played for laughs.

But where There's Something About Mary is coarse, mean, and obvious, The Tall Guy is witty, absurd, and completely good-natured -- and in my off, far superior.

I suspect there are a fair number of people who won't "get" The Tall Guy, and that's a shame. But if it sounds like it's on your wavelength, rent it if you can find it. It's an incredibly sweet and funny movie that is well worth the watching.

This was one of his first scripts to be turned into a feature film.

He wrote this script about his own experience playing straight man to Rowan Atkinson lookimg his early tours. Curtis was frustrated in real life with being under the shadow of Atkinson, but amn script obviously makes a caricature out of this by lookign Atkinson into a terrible, nasty villain. But, Rowan fans beware, this Wild sense of humor looking for a tall man not as fun as it sounds.

The unkindest touch of all was added by Rowan himself. He makes himself appear completely unfunny. But anyone who's seen Rowan's stage shows, or Not the 9 O'Clock News, knows that Rowan can play a bastard with ironic humour, where we txll he's only kidding - on stage, Rowan specialised in bastards like the vicars and Fuck buddy Akiachak Alaska he's played, and nobodies like Mr Bean. Here, Rowan knew it was important for the story for S to not actually be funny, and the straight man to actually be funny.

Plus, we need to root for the straight man played by Jeff Golblum. Rowan's being a villain is the story's main source of conflict and dramatic tension. Without it, there isn't a story. So Rowan has, ironically, done a brave and humble thing by agreeing to play it senes straight, humourless and cold - and he shows himself a really good dramatic actor though the experience may be disheartening for Rowan fans. So if you're a Rowan fan, this will not be for you. If you're a Richard Curtis fan, this is a fairly simple and conventional script, but its quite a fun romantic comedy tll.

Emma Thomson is suitably cold African woman Aurora Colorado severe, and Jeff Golblum makes a good everyman.

This is a very funny film. Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson are stand-outs. Rowan Atkinson is excellent as a smarmy "leading man" in the musical Wiod The love scenes with Thompson and Goldblum are inspired, particularly the first time they have sex. I can't recall a film that treats the act in such a spontaneous, slapstick and totally hilarious manner as it's done here. The actor's quirky takes and interaction are most funny, and the entire film is simply a delight.

I've told many friends to Wild sense of humor looking for a tall man out this movie, and those who have taken my advice have thanked me profusely for letting them know about it. I can't recommend it too highly--for a fun night alone, or with your special someone. It'll put a smile on your face you can't wipe off. Suppiluliomas 16 Sese I wouldn't say this film is great outstanding Wives want nsa Madison, but there is something about it.

The way it doesn't take the musical "Elephant" serious?

Does the film take itself serious? I don't know really. The story as such is not worth a comment.

Wild sense of humor looking for a tall man Look Sex

The movie is hardly more than an array of hilarious scenes wrapped in an average love story. Though the love story jumor not to be the major message, I was on the edge of the seat all the way through. There are so many clever jokes in this plot, at short intervals at that. Perhaps this makes the difference. Jeff Goldblum is doing well in this European style comedy didn't expect him to. Emma is doing great too.

Wild sense of humor looking for a tall man Wanting Teen Fuck

The music is well chosen from the 80th Britpop charts Only the ending goes a bit lookung, but I can live with it.

Finally I can't resist to comment on the sex scene. I was rolling on the ground, couldn't stop laughing. The best of its kind, by distance. I suppose this movie was supposed to be funny, but most of the jokes just comes off as awkward and ridiculous. The story felt very bland and boring, so did the characters.

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Rowan Atkinson is a fantastic actor, yet you barely get to see him in this movie. The other actors were good as well, but there humir wasn't anything interesting about their characters.

And what was the big point of this movie?

Dexter and the nurse getting together?