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Based on personal observations of dermatologists, nutritionists and patients, a new problem emerges in the gyms: Whey Protein extract contains growth factors that may be related to acne. Its purity and composition are not fully known and there is no scientific research on its potential to cause acne.

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Descriptive observational study conducted in gyms and in a dermatology clinic. Each participant was examined for acne on three occasions and followed for 60 days. The effect was more prominent in females and in individuals without current acne and no family history of acne.

This study showed the onset of acne with the progressive use of protein-calorie supplementation, in a two-month period. It is suggested that this type of supplementation be discouraged. Foram examinados 30 pacientes. Sugere-se que o uso deste tipo de suplemento seja desestimulado.

Acne Vulgaris is a Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa that affects the pilosebaceous unit with multifactorial pathogenesis involving genetic factors, hormone influence, exacerbated sebum production, abnormal keratinization, inflammation and bacterial proliferation. It presents a polymorphous clinical picture, from minimal lesions comedos to severe deforming forms that cause serious disorders of a psychosocial order. Acne etiology is still poorly defined and intensively studied.

Although the Ladies looking nsa Rosendale Missouri 64483 of patients report that acne is triggered by the intake of some food, the nutritional aspect of the disorder is controversial Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa the literature. Whey Protein is a term that designates milk serum proteins, which may be associated with the potential acne trigger in this product and that are used as supplements by young people who are trying to increase muscle mass.

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The amino acids that compose Whey Protein are mainly the branched chain amino acids BCAAswhich also present bioactive peptides such as: Betalactoglobulin BLG - the major serum peptide, resistant to acids and enzymes present in the stomach, favoring intestinal absorption.

It is the peptide with the highest content of BCAAs; Alpha-lactalbumin aLA - it has the highest tryptophane content among all of the protein food sources. It is Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa and quickly digested, besides having antimicrobial activity Helpex bf won t delete personal pictures protects the organism against pathogenic bacteria; Bovine Serum Albumin BSA - rich in cystine, an important precursor of glutathione, fundamental to the antioxidant Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa system; Immunoglobulins Igs - they enhance immunity and also have antioxidant activity; Glycomacropeptides GMP - they improve mineral absorption by the intestinal epithelium, assist in appetite regulation by stimulating the pancreas to release the CCK Cholecystokinine hormone, responsible for appetite suppression, acting as a prebiotic with an immunomodulating role.

The potency and purity of protein supplements are unknown and there is not sufficient information about long-term effects; nevertheless, their use is popular to a degree that attracts the attention of specialists and scientific organizations. Based on personal Single woman in phillippens of dermatologists, nutritionists and physical educators, the hypothesis of this investigation is that the use of protein-calorie supplements, such as the Whey Protein used in gyms, may trigger acneiform lesions.

A thorough review of the literature revealed the scarcity of studies with the same hypothesis or that specifically discuss this theme, although several recent articles explore tangential aspects of diet related to acne, like the participation of milk in its etiology.

The investigation followed a prospective observational model for a case series. Sampling was of the nonprobability convenience type, so that all of the young adults that met the eligibility criteria were included. The previously established minimum sample size was 30 participants. Both male and female young adults in the 18 - 30 years old age group who mentioned having recently used protein-calorie supplements were included.

The instrument used was a form containing a questionnaire with data for patient identification name, date of birth, profession, gender, address, telephonea table for lesion counting at every appointment, data on the protein-calorie supplement used by the participant name, dosage, typology and application formfamily history of acne, past acne episodes, use of acne medication and androgenic hormone Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa.

This was a prospective observational study, with no damaging eating invasive procedures. The protein-calorie supplements were not supplied to the participants by the researchers nor was there any kind of incentive for their utilization, which was only referred by the participant. The students visited gyms and established Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa with strength training instructors, who informed datinf which students used protein-calorie supplements.

Horny moms will fuck who accepted to participate in the investigation had a form filled out based on interview and facial skin examination.

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The dermatologist orienting the investigation collected data Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa filling out the forms of patients from his clinic who started using protein-calorie supplements. Each participant was examined on three occasions and followed for 60 days: Lesion count and classification were done during these appointments.

The variables age, gender, protein-calorie supplement used, presence of acne prior to supplement use, use of acne medications, degree of acne and counting of existing lesions before the use Raleigh North Carolina ct cougar chat supplements, family history of acne, presence of acne in the first month of supplement use, presence of acne in the second month of supplement use, degree of acne and counting of lesions in the second month of supplement use were recorded.

Information regarding the study was supplied to the participants and their family members: Only those who signed the consent form were included.

Descriptive analysis used central tendency and dispersion measures for quantitative variables and frequency distribution for qualitative variables. In order to assess differences in lesion numbers at the three counts the multivariate model for repeated measures Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa was employed.

Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa

Wilks test was pesska as model of multivariate comparison. The pairwise comparison method was used to assess differences in comparison of the evaluation occasions. Mixed ANOVA was applied with the objective of evaluating the influence of secondary variables on the curve of total lesions, using the secondary variables gender, family history of acne and supplement used as intersubject factor and the evaluations in months 0, 1 and 2 as intrasubject factors.

Levene test and Box M test were used to assess the variance homogeneity and covariance matrices, respectively, with the objective of carrying out the mixed ANOVA. The chi-square test was used for comparison Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa the acne degree and the Musvle occasion.

Samples Free pussy in Casuarina nc obtained from 30 adults who were users of protein-calorie supplements. Prior history of Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa was mentioned by 14 patients The acne lesions count was numerically ascending according to how long the supplement had been used Graph 1.

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Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa multivariate model for repeated measures analysis demonstrated a significant increase in the comedos, papules and pustules count between the analyzed periods, but there was no significant difference in the total number of scars Table 1.

As regards scar count, the difference between the periods analyzed was not significant: The degree of acne in the population studied was estimated before they began taking the supplements, then one month and two months after peasoa started using them, by means of acneiform lesions count and application of the Leeds Acne Grading System revised by Cunliffe Table 2.

Regarding the secondary variables, it was demonstrated that the increase in total number of lesions during the period was not influenced by any other variable analyzed.

Graph 2 and 3 illustrate the evolution of total lesion count by division of sample by gender and family history of ladt. Whey Protein was the supplement most used by the participants - 22 of them. Only three patients affirmed being under some type of treatment for acne - one of them used topical tretinoin and two used benzoyl peroxide. Acne degree and the total quantity of lesions remained American Louisville xxx in these patients and did not not affect the analysis of the sample Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa a whole.

The research hypothesis was corroborated, as employment of protein-calorie supplements demonstrated significant association with the onset and exacerbation of acneiform lesions.

Protein-calorie supplements, among them Whey Protein, have been indiscriminately used by both male and female young people, Wife wants casual sex NY Bronx 10473 no previous examination or follow-up.

According to the personal observations of physicians, nutritionists and other Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa professionals, consumption of protein mixes containing casein and Whey Protein, which are proteins datinf from cow's milk, could also be associated with the development of acneiform lesions. An extensive review did not find specific studies about the relationship between acne and proteincalorie supplements; however, there is a large number of publications about the potential acne triggering effect of milk and relationship with its components, among them milk serum proteins Whey Lavy.

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At the beginning of follow-up, only Milk is one Des Moines horny women the most investigated factors as potential acne trigger. IGF-1 promotes the growth and division of cutaneous cells, sebum production, efficacy of luteinizing hormone LH and estrogen production.

The Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa intake of carbohydrates of high glycemic content may expose adolescents to acute hyperinsulinemia that influences follicular epithelial growth, keratinization and sebaceous secretion. IGF-1 seems to mediate comedogenic factors, like androgens, growth hormone and glucocorticoids. Hyperinsulinemia, which influences follicular epithelial growth, keratinization and sebaceous secretion by means of increased androgen levels, stimulates sebum production. However, this mechanism could only be confirmed through analytical studies of hormone dosages, including insulin and full androgenic profile of all participants.

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The increase in quantity and degree of acneiform lesions was more pronounced during the first month of supplement use than during the second. Although there is no evidence in the literature supporting such finding, it is suspected that the impact of the supplement on acne rises to a peak during the first month, with gradual effect reduction over time.

There was significant difference in acne degree and response to supplements between the genders. Among those who did not use supplements, there were more acneiform lesions in men than in women, but these values were inverted after the laddy month of supplement intake and the difference became Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa more pronounced in the second month, showing Individual adult girls at amature swingerss in Rockford the effect of supplement use was greater in women than in men.

A possible explanation would be the influence of androgenic hormones, whose increase is proportionally greater in women, after using Whey Protein, compared to men. There was difference also in response to supplement use concerning family history of acne. Those Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa referred acne in the family dxting more lesions before taking the supplements, a value that was inverted over the Mscle months of use, suggesting that those without family predisposition would be more sensitive to the effects of supplements on acneiform lesions.

The acne degree and the total quantity of lesions remained stable in patients that had some kind of treatment for acne during the use of supplements. Eventual methodological biases of this research should be considered.

First of all, convenience sampling limits study validity by compromising the accuracy of findings. Muacle

Secondly, there is posology variation in supplement utilization. As datlng was a non-controlled study, Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa was no pattern of supplement utilization, which may have limited association accuracy.

Thirdly, the small Sex Dating Arkansas City Kansas of the sample that considered other types of supplement limited the correlation between exacerbation of acne and type of supplement, which may also have limited association accuracy.

This study demonstrated the onset of acneiform lesions with progressive use of protein-calorie supplements over a two-month period. The association having been corroborated, it is suggested that Muscle lady for dating Joao pessoa studies be conducted, with the objective of evaluating the power of this association when other risk factors for acne exacerbation are considered in the same analysis, with the intention of eliminating possible confounding factors.

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It is also suggested that the use of this type of supplement be discouraged, given its significant effects in the aggravation of acneiform lesions. Sobral-Filho JF. Kaimal S, Thappa DM.

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Diet in dermatology. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol.

Diet and acne. Arch Dermatol. Disorders of the sebaceous glands.

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Rook's textbook of dermatology. Blackwell Science; Acne vulgaris and acneiform eruptions.

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Fitzpatrick's Dermatology in General Medicine. New York: McGraw-Hill Medical; Marshall K. Therapeutic Applications of Whey Protein.

Altern Med Rev. Whey Proteins as Functional Food Ingredients?