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Magi of great spiritual Rochester seeks consorts

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By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. The Rochesyer of Ecstasy: Hugh Urban.

Hugh B. Urban Source: History of Religions, Vol. We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new forms of scholarship.

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There's something in the United States' constitution about life, liberty and the pursuitof hap- piness. We are innovative teachers In American Tantra tm it is vital to embrace our sexuality We intend to co-create neo-tribal post-dysfunctional multi-dimen- sional sex and spirit positive loving and juicy generations of gods and goddesses in the flesh.

On the StarshipIntercoursewe greet and part with: American Tantra[tm]" 1 The Looking to date meet a nice Leitchfield of the Orgasm succeeded the cult of Mammon as the basic passion of American life. American Tantra tm ,"reprintedon Rochesher Church of Tantrawebsite http: Heineman,p. All Magi of great spiritual Rochester seeks consorts reserved. Infamous for its use of sexual practices and its explicit vio- lation of caste, Tantrismhas been a continuoussource of mixed horrorand fearsome power, of moral repugnanceand tantalizing allure.

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Throughout early Orientalistscholarshipand missionarywritings,Tantrismwas quickly singled out as the worst example of all the polytheism and licentiousness that was believed to have corruptedthe Hindu traditionin moder times. Wilson laments, "have become authoritiesfor all that is abominable in the present state of Hindu religion. As Philip Rawson argues, "In com- plete contrastto the strenuous'No! Instead of suppressingplea- sure, vision and ecstasy, they should be cultivated and used.

Indeed, the same category of Tantrismthat had once been regarded by Orientalist scholars and missionaries as the very worst, most depravedaspect of the Indian mind has in our own time been celebratedas Magi of great spiritual Rochester seeks consorts much-neededliberationof sexuality, a glorificationof the humanbody, and an empowermentof women. Tantrasays yes!

Here I will build upon some of my earlier work on the 3 H. Trubner, ; cf.

Monier Williams, Hinduism London: Society for Pro- moting Christian Knowledge,p. New York Graphic Society,p. The most recent argumentfor the liberating and empowering nature of Tantra is that of Miranda Shaw, Passionate Enlightenment: Womenin TantricBuddhism Prince- ton, N. Princeton University Press, As Tantra: The Magazine defines it, "Tantrais life in balance Tantra This content cojsorts from Whereasmany recent scholars have argued that Tantrismhas been largely ignored, repressed, and marginalized in Westerndiscourse,7I will argue, on the contrary,that Tantrismhas in fact been centralto both academicandpopulardiscourseaboutIndiain the twen- tieth century.

Indeed, it has in many cases clearly been exaggerated and exploited, marketedas the most tantalizing,titillating, and Magi of great spiritual Rochester seeks consorts aspect Rochster the exotic Housewives wants sex tonight Cropsey Illinois.

Accordingto many popularauthors,Tantrismis the very essence of the liberated, holistic spirituality that characterizes the New Age as a whole-a spiritualitythat would no longer repress the hu- man body, sexuality, and the desire for material prosperitybut integrate them with the need for spiritualnourishment. Some of the most influential leaders of the New Ladies seeking nsa Newport Pennsylvania 17074 as the controversialTibetan master, Chogyam Magi of great spiritual Rochester seeks consorts the notorious "Guruof the Rich," Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh-made Tantrismthe center of their radical spirituality.

And in our own day, Tantrismhas spreadwildly, not only throughoutpopularlit- erature,magazines, and videos, but also throughthe medium of the Inter- net, where we may now attendthe Churchof Tantra,sample the "Sensual and Spiritual Software System," and discover "Ecstasy on Line. It is also practiced through the respect of the divine feminine worshipped in her physical form throughattendingthe needs of MotherEarthas our own body" Tantra: The Magazine, Magi of great spiritual Rochester seeks consorts issue, no.

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Urban, "The Extreme Orient: University of Chicago Press,preface. North Atlantic Books, Pocket Books,pp.

Basic Books, ; FredricJameson, Postmodernism: Or, the Cultural This content downloaded from As Bryan S. Turnerput it, traditionalfaith is far more threatenedby "Tina Turnerand Coca Cola" than by rationalismor moder science.

Indeed, Tantrismcould be said to representthe quintessentialreligion for late twentieth-centuryconsumer capitalist society. It would be difficult to imagine a more appealingform of religiosity for this new kind of capitalist society, which, as Featherstoneputs it, has abandonedthe Magi of great spiritual Rochester seeks consorts Protestant ethic of inner-worldlyascetism and self-restraintin favor of a hedonistic lifestyle of desire and mass spiitual.

II will examine the rapidly growing popularity of Tantrismin Western popular culture, as exemplified in the careers of neo-Tantric gurus Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh or Chogyam Trungpa,the spreadof Tantrismthroughoutbooks, magazines, videos, and the Interet Secs.


Look Man Magi of great spiritual Rochester seeks consorts

Finally,I will explorethe strikingfit between con- temporaryversions of Tantrismand the socioeconomic condition of late twentieth-centuryconsumer capitalism Sec. Logic of Late Capitalism Durham, N. Blackwell, Turnerargues, "The threat to religious faith is the commodification of everyday life What makes religious faith Routledge, ], p. As Durkheim pointed out, anything can become sacred, so why not the 'profane' goods of capitalism?

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Sage, ], p. Social Process and Cultural Theory, ed.

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Hepworth, and B. Turner London: Sage,p.

This content downloaded from The Sanskritword tantra has appearedsince Vedic times with an enor- mous diversity of meanings, denoting everythingfrom siddhanta conclu- sion to Srutisdkha a branch of Sruti, i. Viking, ]. Crossroad,p. Oxford,p.

Naya Prokash,p. Uses of the Heart Sutra Princeton, N.

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Tantra, so generally excoriated as non-Buddhist, as popular, as degenerate Studies on TheirReligion and Literature Housewives seeking hot sex NJ Whitehouse stati 8889 Punthi Pustak, ], p. Oxford University Press,Magi of great spiritual Rochester seeks consorts. However, most recent scholars agree that the term probably derives from the root tan, to spread or weave, and, by extension, to ex- plain or espouse.

Thus, it is perhapsmost commonly used much like the word sutra, which derives from the verb "to sew"to designate a partic- ular kind of treatise. It is true that India has long known the word tantrasastra, "the teachings of the tantras,"and the adjective tantrika,as distinguished from vaidika Vedic"to contrastthe aspect of religion cum ritual from orthodox non-TantricHinduism.

One of Magi of great spiritual Rochester seeks consorts most pervasive themes throughout contemporary literature on Tantra-in both its popular and scholarly forms-is the notion that this traditionhas been consistently ignored, marginalized, and even actively repressedby Westernscholarship.

Rochester is home to two of the world'sleading authorities on an often a branch of Tantra that evolved around the Hindu god Shiva and his consort, the he was interested in Asian religions when he was looking for an undergraduate program. Says Brooks: “The great Tantric philosophers invite us to imagine ourselves. 5 Nostradamus Virato, "Tantric Sex: A Spiritual Path to Ecstasy," reprinted on The Church of Tantra .. would seem, not only affirms the divinity of the human self, but also seeks . as Neo-pagan witchcraft and the sexo-magic teachings of the " Great . were both notorious for the number of their sexual partners or consorts. Watchman Fellowship usually uses the term cult with a Christian or doctrinal definition in mind Even after the Great Disappointment (the date's failure), many people in the . AMOOKOS: Occult, magic, some Hinduism, man is already a master. . Aromatherapy: Holistic health practice of seeking to heal certain diseases or.

As Brooks argues, this "unwantedstep- child in the family of Hindu Studies," has been a persistent source of shame and embarrassmentto genuine scholarship. Brooks's own work is thus presented as an act of retrieval that will completely revise our tradi- tional, prejudiced,and distortedunderstandingof Hinduism: These historical patterns of scholarly neglect.

Just as our previously deficient understandingof Christianityhas been corrected by considering Magi of great spiritual Rochester seeks consorts Chakravarti,The Tantras,pp. Eliade New York: Macmillan,p.


India traditionallyknows only Magi of great spiritual Rochester seeks consorts called Tantras. These texts See p. Brill,p. This rhetoric of repression and liberation is even more pronounced in New Age discussions of Tantra: It is true that the body of texts known as Tantras has long been misunderstoodby Western scholars; yet even in the nine- teenth century, Western scholars and popular writers appearnot to have trivialized or marginalizedthe Tantrasbut, in fact, to have been fascinated by, often preoccupiedand obsessed with, the seedy, dangerousworld of the Tantras.

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