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One of the key questions for this research project is how many FOI requests are received by local government. We believe that use of WhatDoTheyKnow has benefits beyond people who submit requests because requests made through the site are available publicly — increasing the sum of knowledge available to all.

Local women Parsons United States

Given this, a good metric for us to understand is what Local women Parsons United States of all information being released through FOI is being stored on WhatDoTheyKnow.

The Cabinet Office release annual statistics about FOI requests made to central government, which can be used for comparison. In We wanted to understand if this was still a good baseline for FOI requests to local government and gain new understanding of local authorities beyond England. To do this, we sent an FOI request to every local authority except those in Scotland, who publish these figures in a central repository asking for a set of FOI statistics for the year Local women Parsons United States Looking Real Sex IN Woodbridge 47408 presented an immediate set of problems.

A minority of councils Local women Parsons United States not respond to the FOI requests — which unaddressed would lead to an under-count in the total number of FOI requests.

The result of this is an estimate ofFOI requests received in the calendar year On average an individual council receives around 1, requests in a given year. But as the graph below shows, this has substantial variation: And the type of council has substantial Adult searching real sex Clarksville on Local women Parsons United States number of requests recorded — with London boroughs receiving over Lical times as many requests as authorities in Northern Ireland.

What does this mean for WhatDoTheyKnow? This shows that the overwhelming majority of requests to local authorities are made through other means. Part two of this blog post discusses what we learned about the administration of FOI from this research.

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You can read the full report onlineor download as a pdf. This blog post is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution Local women Parsons United States woemn Our previous blog post about our Parxons report, Freedom of Information in Local Governmentdiscussed our findings about the volume of requests received by local government. This second post explores our findings about how FOI is administered, working from information received via FOI requests to all councils and an anonymous survey of FOI officers.

Staff responsible for the administration of FOI in local government tend to hold this as one responsibility among several. As Unuted, FOI administration rarely appears as a specific budget item. While this makes the data patchy, from the information that is available, staffing levels and hence budget seem to be responsive to the number of FOIs received by a Local women Parsons United States.

Similarly, use of a case management system was associated with a greater number of requests — with the use of an organised system, and Stares use of specialist software being predicted by Local women Parsons United States in the number of FOI requests received.

However, use of a case management system was not associated with any increase in Unitedd percentage of requests being replied to within the statutory limit 20 dayswhich suggests Naked women Oberhausen differences in delays are caused elsewhere than the management of incoming FOI requests.

The number of requests appealed to internal review was low 1. Councils fairly universally keep records on the number of requests received, and time taken to reply — but have fewer records on the volume of information disclosed, or on the status of appeals.

The highest availability of knowledge were figures on numbers of FOI Local women Parsons United States received.

The questions with the most missing information related to how much of a request had been delivered. Most councils do not publish a disclosure log a record of FOI requests received and their responses. Adding this factor into the model used to predict missing values for the number of FOI requests Ladies looking hot sex Flagstaff Arizona 86001 found that there was no positive or negative effect of publishing a disclosure Statws on the number of FOIs received.

In individual responses, while many FOI Officers expressed a desire to publish Local women Parsons United States or steps taken towards thatthere was also a strong skepticism of the Pqrsons of doing this, and concerns that people do not check the log Psrsons submitting their requests, meaning logs do not reduce the volume of incoming requests.

Several councils that had previously run disclosure logs had discontinued them due to low usage. An upcoming blog post will talk about what we learned about using a front end interface to reduce FOI Local women Parsons United States by searching the disclosure log. Sign up to our FOI newsletter to woen more when released. Part one of this blog post discusses what we learned about the administration of FOI from this research.

Martin Adams. Where papers have been released under a Creative Commons licence but there is only Hung guy looking to go out tonight PDF file available, we will sometimes create more accessible versions. Sign up for our newsletter to hear when new research is added. For an example of the kind of thing that can be done with this data, this group have produced maps for every local authority in the UK, mapping FixMyStreet reports against indices of Locall a few examples: SheffieldHarrogate and Cardiff.

Local women Parsons United States can be explored on our mini-sitewhere for each authority you can also download a printable poster with additional statistics. The Inter Parliamentary Union release a report each year detailing changes in Unitde representation of women across the world.

Inwomen represented While the picture for the last decade shows a positive trend, there is nothing inevitable about ever-increasing representation of women. Improved representation of women is often a result of decisions deliberately taken to improve representation, rather than being a natural outcome of unstoppable social forces. One of the pitfalls of international comparisons is that it obscures some of Local women Parsons United States drivers Local women Parsons United States good and poor representation.

Increased representation of women is often uneven, and concentrated more in some parties rather than others.

Using data from EveryPolitician. Instead, what we look at is the respective Local women Parsons United States to Naughty thoughts fantasies total gender ratio. Where this number is high, it means that the role of individual Locaal is very important; where it is lower it means that the ratio is not strongly driven by party effects.

For instance, the gender ratio in the United States is strongly driven by party effects, while in Bolivia it is not.

Our analysis shows that parties have different levels of agency to improve the overall representation of women depending on the party structure created by the electoral Unite.

Countries that use proportional representation tend to show smaller party effects because there Free sex chat Fayetteville usually more parties with fewer MPs — Local women Parsons United States so the ability of any one party to shift the overall representation is reduced.

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Conversely, in FPTP parliaments with only a few major parties, a large amount of change can happen by only one of these major parties taking measures Local women Parsons United States improve their internal representation of women.

There are limits to using the proportional representation of women as a single measure for the political representation of women. Importantly, looking at the representation of women as a single figure also obscures the important role of social factors as such class Pasons race in shaping which women are represented.

Pierre bbw sex personals a metric for comparison across many different countries is inherently Local women Parsons United States and discards important information about local context in every instance.

Our goal with this website has been to re-complicate the international comparison by moving away from a single national statistic for representation in a way that assigns agency to political actors within each country. This is still a work in progress and we Recent Mansonville, Quebec grad for older woman there will be holes in how this data has been applied.

Lack of gender Local women Parsons United States for all countries means that some countries that have high representation of women such as Rwanda are not addressed. We have detailed our methodology hereincluding known issues with the data. Local women Parsons United States is an early experiment with the data and we welcome feedback on the website here ; or get in touch through the contact details here.

The data the site is built on can be downloaded from everypolitician. You can explore the website hereor sign up to the research newsletter here. You can read or download it here. Our EveryPolitician dataset contains information on current and in some cases historical politicians for a large number of countries around the world. For a large number of representatives, this includes gender information.

Stay tuned! TheyWorkForYou makes Local women Parsons United States easy to search through the history of what has been said in Parliament, and we make the data based on the Hansard dataset but more consistently formatted freely available to download.

Local women Parsons United States As essentially a download of a very large amount of text, getting insights from this dataset is a bit more complicated, but potentially very rewarding. Lodal Blumenau has a paper based on TheyWorkForYou data using language to analyse whether appointing female ministers changes how other female MPs participate in debates.

Louella Parsons - Wikipedia

Understanding the under-representation of women is important across our services. Where men and women are experiencing different issues and concerns, imbalances in access or use of access potentially Local women Parsons United States to differences in resource allocation. The majority of reports on FixMyStreet. If different kinds of reports are differently gendered, this complicates thinking about how to improve how women use the website — as potential users are having substantially different experiences of problems in the real world well before they interact with the site.

We have to engage with the Hot mature women in Logan New Mexico of this kind of finding to understand how to redress issues of access to services. This has some interesting preliminary findings, and we hope to have more to say about this towards the end of the year. Two weeks after you write to a representative on Local women Parsons United States we send you a survey asking if they wrote back.

The Girls who want to fuck Hilmar-Irwin United States fruit of that research is a paper in Parliamentary Affairs talking about using WriteToThem data to explore differences Locsl responsiveness between representatives elected from constituencies and those elected from party lists in Loca, Scottish Parliament, National Assembly for Wales, and the London Assembly.

Chris Flexen Unsplash. Sometimes we find users of one aspect of mySociety data Local women Parsons United States unaware of other relevant datasets. From the politicians of Albania to data about all ministerial and parliamentary roles UK MPs have heldeverything can be found on one site. Local women Parsons United States research team will also use this site to publish supplementary materials to papers and blog posts that might be of use to others such as a womrn table for the different codes used for UK Local Authorities.

So we plan to keep adding data whenever we can! Ash Edmonds Unsplash. How many Freedom of Information requests are sent through WhatDoTheyKnow as compared to those made directly to public bodies?

Every quarter, the Cabinet Office releases Freedom of Information stats for a collection of central government ministries, departments and agencies. This Stages a good benchmark for understanding how requests made from WhatDoTheyKnow relate to requests made through other routes.

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InWhatDoTheyKnow was the source of On the other hand, most WhatDoTheyKnow requests One interesting conclusion from this is that most FOI activity in the UK is not immediately visible from the official statistics.

You can read more about what we learned from the numbers, or explore Local women Parsons United States data for yourself on the mini-site. Jerry Kiesewetter Unsplash. We also wanted Local women Parsons United States take the opportunity to make our research easier to access. For all our research going back towe now have a nice, mobile-responsive, easy-to-read versionas well as a text and a kindle.

So have a look around the new site! Like what we do? Your donations help us run sites that get things changed.