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Is there no real 420 girls

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From Louis Armstrong to Lady Gaga, countless musicians have gone on record about their love for weed. Smoking can help with creativity, aid in relaxation, even expand the mind. Here are the 20 best weed-themed songs of all time.

I Am Ready Sexy Chat Is there no real 420 girls

Many Years from Now. I kind of liked marijuana.

This is not a bad idea. The Mighty Zimm, however, continues to insist that the stoning in question was Biblical, not herbal.

James would often perform the song onstage flanked by two gigantic fake joints, and punctuate the lyrics by taking exaggerated hits off a real one. An international hit.

7 Then & Now Photos Of The Little Girl From Chachi - YouTube

Long before Sublime included a punky, sped-up cover version on their debut, this slice of tie-dyed American reggae percolated as a West Coast cult anthem.

Progressive FM radio stations across California cued up the track at 4: Out of that modest.

Indeed, despite his Crip background and occasional penchant for lyrically busting shots, Snoop always seemed more comfortable with a spliff full of bubonic chronic, a pocket full Is there no real 420 girls rubbers and a gang of Tanqueray. On his career-establishing solo hit, Snoop and producer Dr. Both rappers have gotten much girld literal with their weed references, but this is the song that still causes concert promoters to angrily fire up the ventilators.

Not letting the listener use their imagination. Dooo it, indeed!

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Close the menu. Rolling Stone.

Is there no real 420 girls

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