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Izard January 2 Hannah Marsh Inman? In he was made pp partner. Like most middle-class wives in the midth century Hannah spent a good portion of her time tending hearth and home. She spelled names somewhat irregularly and she omitted punctuation entirely.

The names retain their various spellings but punctuation has been added for readability.

Inman with h p women

Where words cannot be decoded I have inserted [word unintelligible]. In some cases her spelling is clear, but the words do not make sense. They are followed by [sic]. Hannah and her husband are Quakers from Rhode Island.

They removed to Worcester where her husband pursued a career in manufacturing. Hannah recorded going to anti-slavery lectures and discussion groups, joining the anti-slavery sewing circle, attending a woman's convention in Boston, as well Inmxn hearing many other speakers and musical performances. She also kept a record of her daily rounds of domestic work, callers, family visits, and books read.

George and Edmund left at night for Southbridge. Quite rainy. A call Inman with h p women Mr. PM cleaned the wood house. Worked until night. Very tired. The rest all gone and I am left alone. Miss Farnum called at noon. Evening Nude teens in west baden in to the Wlmen. Subject, Be not weary in well doing. Very warm indeed. PM James O. Inman here Inman with h p women tea.

Inman with h p women

Evening went out to the common music. Remained in the house until night then called on Mrs. PM the Boys went down to Mr. Evening a very hard thunder shower. Katy had company.

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Thus endeth one more day of my life. PM went to the Boston Depot to see a lady, did not find her. Called on Mrs. Ware, found her quite unwell.

Edward Marsh here to tea, stayed all night. Arrived there in season to attend the love fest.

G, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Returned in the evening train. At home Albert sick with teethache and Wille worse than that. We was as cross as H[ell] and as for myself I could not think a thought nor read.

Understandingly a gloomy day. A call from Mrs. Reed and Sister. So tired tonight taht I feel very irritable indeed. PM a call from Mrs.

Francis came with a carriage and carried me over to Doracss. Very pleasant time. Ware spent the day. PM Mrs. Cutting wth, Mrs.

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Moesly, Mrs. Starr, and Mr.

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Starr here to tea, very social company. PM a box of grapes came from home by express.

Ward and Mrs. Barber came, went to Mrs. Goulding's to tea. Commenced raining and rained all night.

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PM went out to do some shopping. Eve reading. Barber and another lady. Evening attended the antislavery meeting. A very good discourse indeed. PM to Inman with h p women City Hall, heard 2 or 3 speak. PM Charlotte Bond here to tea. Evening went home with her.

On our way back called on Mrs. Very tired indeed.

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Oliver here. Barber, and Sibil Witu here to tea. A call form a lady and little girl. Eve we went part way home with them. PM went out shopping and then to the Depot. Came home oh so tired. Evening called on Mrs. Called on a poor family.

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PM Katy went to assist her cousin. A call from Ann and Miss Farnum. Two ladies out soliciting for the Bazaar.

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PM two ladies called. After they left went to bed. Oliver and Matilda came in the 6 o'clock train to make a visit. PM to Mr. Hale's church.

Evening to the hall again. Subject, where with shall a young man cleanse his ways.

It was very interesting indeed. PM went out shopping. After that visited the Antiquarian Hall. Oliver and wife left at night. Very bad cold, did not go out at all.

Sick at night. PM came home, found a lady here. Lewis Thompson and wife came to dinner. Eliza March and O. Inman here Inmna tea and a call from Mr. After tea went to the Bazaar with Francis and Eliza.