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But the nature of friendship — like the nature of that other form of human attachment that is more commonly the subject of plays i. And "F Theory" is, ultimately, a warm and winning salute to its mysteries. At the start of the play, Marianne are Ellie are bubbly but also somewhat insecure year-old college roommates, and the play follows them through adulthood, marriage, motherhood and — most poignantly — old age.

After college, they live together in New York, and progress from takeout pizza to takeout Indian food. But even when they decide, finally, to live apart from each other, they still talk on the phone all the time, or skype. Even if the subject matter is meaningless, they still want to talk.

The intellectually inclined Marianne, whose family is rich, has a much easier time finding her way in life — both romantically and professionally — than the artistic and, often, financially struggling Ellie. Marianne writes a best-selling book about friendship that gives Ellie's floundering musical career a boost, but also — in a twist Adult looking sex Fort wayne Indiana 46804 unexpectedly dark, given the breeziness of the play's early scenes — strains the relationship.

Trow and Loughran are the only actresses in the play, though there are a number of other small roles, both male and female, that they also take on, after leaving the stage and returning in a different costume. There are some good opportunities for comic relief in these segments, as well as another kind of relief: Just like it's more common for playwrights to write about love than friendship, there are a lot more songs about that subject, too.

But maybe — when you think about it — more about friendship than you would expect. However, the important "F" in F Theory is Friendship. Along the way there 2 women cops in Boise nods to Family, Female Firefighters, Fat in the Food Pyramid, and Franklin Benjaminbut Friendship is paramount, as the audience follows Ellie and Marianne through many decades and across the globe.

Sometimes their journey is very funny, and sometimes it is poignant. Sometimes the bonds that hold them together are strong, and sometimes they are frayed, but the theme is always their friendship. Ellie is a former child television star whose sleazy father has squandered her money, while Marianne's family owns several shopping malls. Ellie gravitates toward music and Marianne toward the social sciences.

In spite of all Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740, a force even stronger than their love of Shania Twain unites them. The word that best describes the play starts with Adult seeking hot sex Nokesville Virginia 22123 C, not an F: Megan Loughran and Alex Trow are as clever as they are beautiful and talented, because they wrote F Theory themselves, and no other playwright could have showcased their talents so expertly.

They tap dance! They sing their own songs, I believe! Loughran plays the ukulele like a Hawaiian angel. Jessica Parks has designed a supremely clever set. A few modular pieces and some images projected on the screens in back of the state change the scene from a college dorm to a New York apartment to a luxury honeymoon cottage and many other Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740. There is a clever solution to presenting more than two characters in a play with only two actors, and another clever solution to the many quick costume changes needed.

Even Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 songs played between scenes are cleverly chosen Horny women in Wickes illustrate the theme of Friendship. Giving details would prevent theatergoers from discovering the charms of the script, and of Ethan Heard's direction, for themselves.

F Theory is fun, Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 at its heart are thoughts of the role of Friendship which are not Frivolous.

It's unusual in theater-going to see two powerful, well-written new plays back to back.

Want Sex Chat Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740

It is rarer South carolina naked girls to see them performed by the same producing group. The New Jersey Repertory Co. Playwrights Megan Loughran and Alex Trow have written a piece that examines the nature of friendship: How it can start from the most unlikely of Horny wives 16674, be sustained through major changes in both friends' lives, and mean more—and less—than family or lovers.

We meet Marianne and Ellie as college roommates from vastly different socioeconomic backgrounds, seemingly with little in common, yet each finding in the other something of value that they lack in themselves.

As the years progress, the friends follow different paths —Marianne as a globe-trotting anthropologist with a husband and daughter, and Ellie forging a career in music while staying single. Their evolving views on what true friendship entails test the relationship Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 forged, leading fonight a surprising yet touching denouement. In case you're inclined to think that casting the zex in their own work is a publicity stunt, think again.

It's clear from the start that Loughran Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 Trow are perfectly cast as Ellie and Marianne, respectively. With only changes of costume, hair, and voice, they seamlessly portray the time-wrought changes in their characters.

On the technical side, credit must be given to Jessica Parks' set design, which cleverly utilizes pull-out curtain screens for quick costume changes. The infinitely re-arrangeable contemporary furniture designed by Marisa Procopio takes us from a college dorm room to a sophisticated restaurant, from a couples resort to television talk show studios. Patricia E. Doherty is also to be commended for her costume designs, always faithful to the characters' identities and circumstances at any given time.

F Theory is a magnificent new play that many contemporary actresses will doubtless jump at the chance to perform. Artistic Director SuzAnne Barabas and Executive Producer Gabor Barabas have once again come through with a powerful, provocative, and deeply human play, keeping faith with their company's mission to nurture new plays and new playwrights. For anyone who has a special friendship in his or her life, for anyone who is passionate about creating and preserving human interactions, for anyone who cares about outstanding theater, I strongly recommend seeing F Theory.

New Jersey Repertory Company NJ Rep presents the world premiere of F Theory, a funny, poignant, and uniquely thought-provoking play about the power and complexity of lifelong friendship.

In F Theory, Marianne and Ellie are bright, charming college roommates prone to break out in spontaneous tap dance routines in the middle of study sessions, when we first meet them.

They come from very different backgrounds and are headed into very different futures-wealth, marriage, and anthropological adventures for one; family troubles, solo living, and a career as a musician for the other. But the bond they forged on meeting is that rare sort that transcends all circumstance and thrives across all time; even across several continents in their case. Or does it? What happens when you realize the friendship you have valued on the merit of its fortitude through everything for decades means something Just for sex women seeking men Pleasanton entirely to the person on the other end?

F Theory gives center stage to friendship, a relationship so often sidelined in both art and life to family, romance, marriage, though it is often stronger than them all. They met at Yale University, from which they both graduated, as did director Ethan Heard. Loughran is an actor, Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 and writer based in New York City. Megan wrote the online sketch "Resting Bitch Body", featured on Elizabeth Banks' comedy website, whohaha.

Graduate of Yale University. We first sat down together at a restaurant in Manhattan called Annabel, and made notes over red wine and kale pizza. We wrote on cocktail napkins because that seemed far more exciting than paper. When we first started writing, we mapped out Sarnia xxx service in eight-scene structure, and alternated who wrote each scene. Initially we gave each other feedback and edited our scenes independently, but at some point any "rules" melted away and now we both have our hands in everything at all times, kind of like when there's only one cheese platter at a big party.

It would be difficult Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 co-author a play if we were two people who disagreed often, but luckily we're pretty simpatico!

In the instances where we do have differing opinions, we have a Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 policy. That way, no one feels her ideas have been shut down, and we can make decisions together based on evidence from a trial run. We keep a running tally of who was right on a big chalkboard that says "Who Is Better? What a thrill!

We've spent a good amount of time imagining the world of this play in our heads, Married woman want casual sex Bloomington now we get to inhabit that world as actors.

It's an incredible feeling. We hope you'll laugh it's a comedy! Bring your friends! We're so grateful to NJ Rep for welcoming us, and giving us such a dreamy artistic summer home! We've had the ultimate opportunity to refine the play as writers, and rehearse it as actors, feeling supported at every turn by the amazing artists and designers who make up the NJ Rep team.

Devers, wonderfully played by Malachy Cleary, has Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 traumatic encephalopathy CTEa degenerative disease found in people who have taken repeated blows to the head. He can't really know this for sure because he needs to be dead before his brain can be studied.

His symptoms include disorientation, memory loss, social instability, erratic behavior, and poor judgment — but don't get the idea this two-act play that continues through July 30 is a downer. You might find yourself getting a little misty-eyed at times, but there are plenty of laughs and Adult looking sex Swink the Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 you'll be smiling.

Devers says football is not a contact sport, it's a collision sport.

Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740

Although his mother forbade him to play, he did anyway, in secret. Not a marquee player, he was known for helping players he knocked down get back up — and warned them he'd do it again if they got Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 his way.

Yet every single day he misses playing ball and would do it all again. And that can make it hard to sympathize with his illness, at first. But who among us hasn't made choices that aren't Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 for us and we ultimately pay the piper? Like King Lear railing against the storm, Don rails against Single women in Bari in loss of his mind, his deteriorating body and erratic rages, and decides enough is enough.

He comes up with a plan for the approaching Super Bowl Sunday. His self-imposed isolation from the world is broken by Ed Ryan Dan Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 who comes knocking at his door eager to meet Devers, his idol and substitute father figure from childhood.

Having recently lost his job, he's hoping Devers will give him the ol' inspiring half-time locker room speech that gets him Adult wants sex WI Eagle river 54521 in the "game. Lori Vega is making a superb NJ Rep debut as Devers' potty- mouth daughter Stephanie, an accountant with attitude, who is heavily pregnant by a married football player with a family he intends to keep.

Stephanie moved her father into an apartment closer to her and hired the nurses he refuses to let in to take care of him. Nor does he want to see his daughter. But not for the reason she thinks. Rounding out the cast is Susan Maris, who plays Ed's wife Sarah.

She, too, is pregnant and the two women bond immediately. But Ed and Sarah? Communication has been a bit rough recently. A little bit more info from the playwright on how Don and Stephanie got along before their estrangement, and why Sarah and Ed don't seem to click as well as a couple would be helpful.

Nicely directed by Kent Nicholson including the best use of Post-It notes I've seen on stagethe two-hour play moves along on the small two-level set designed by Jessica Parker and lit by Jill Nagle.

Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 Search Cock

Doherty designed the costumes. Retired NFL player Don Devers is a man who has had more surgeries than he can count, experiences violent outbursts, and relies on Post-It notes to offset his sez with traumatic brain injury.

Just when things seem their darkest, a desperate longtime fan arrives at his doorstep. But when devoted fan, Ed Ryan, appears at his doorstep, a series of events are put in motion that just lopking bring Don out of his self-imposed isolation and salvage his life. Halftime with Don is a play that does more than regale a player's greatest game, it Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 into Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 issue that has moved to the forefront of sports in the past decade - concussions and the permanent damage inflicted on the body.

It examines that and more. Weitzman spoke to former players and read extensively on the subject. Football has always been a violent game since the days players wore leather helmets, but the League has steadily introduced rules thatremove some of the most toight aspects and better protect the players. In doing so, the NFL has raised the Single woman seeking hot sex Bowling Green of some fans who complain that these rules have made the game "soft.

Houxewives brains are rattling violently inside their skulls. On the other hand, I don't think the rule changes do all that much to make football safer.

Sub-concussions--which can happen with just a defensive and offensive lineman hitting each other--are cumulative. It's not just the sensational, high-speed collisions that cause lasting damage. Theatrical plays about sports have a checkered past. The number of failures greatly outweigh the successes. Prior to playwriting, he wrote and produced sports documentaries and narratives for television and new media for the National Basketball Association Entertainment, Speedvision, Emerald City, and CybrCard.

He has written plays about basketball Spin Movesbaseball The Catchfootball Get Thorpe, Stadium and has a play in progress Sacrifice about sexual abuse in a big-time college Naughty wives want real sex Bordeaux program.

But theatre affords a different view - an in-depth look at character and an in-depth look at the way sports impacts and has impacted American culture, American history, and even the founding metaphors of this country. Pointing out some of his favorite works about sports, he says, "A colleague, Mat Smart, a die-hard Cubs fan, has a terrific play called Tinkers to Evers to Chance.

I like Lee Blessing's work and he has several plays with sports in the foreground or background. Weitzman hopes the play attracts both sports fans and non-sports fans. The play is every bit about relationships and the issues of growing older as it is about football. In the past my plays have drawn a wide audience.

I've loved that some in the audience had never seen a play but came because they Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 drawn Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 a story with sports as a crucial part of it - that it was finally a play that spoke to them and their interests.

I've also loved that frequent theatre goers found they didn't need any sports knowledge or even sports interest to be captivated by the story and the characters. They still had an exciting, fun, and profound experience. The National New Play Network is an alliance of nonprofit theaters like NJ Rep who champion the development, production, and continued life of new plays.

During one of their Rolling World Premieres, the organization provides production support to the playwright and the partnering Teen girl having sex Atlanta, including assistance with the creation and the contracting of the premiere agreement, collaborative interactions between the theaters, and travel and housing funds for the playwright to Brandon5741 adult personals develop the play in each city.

It is an excellent opportunity for theatres and playwrights to establish new relationships and further the development of the plays. I'll learn so much from having three productions at three theatres and by being in conversation with three different communities. I'll know the play and its impact far better after that. Weitzman says the play has changed immensely from the first draft to this World Premiere and the various readings were instrumental in the process.

This play marks Weitzman's first time working with Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 Rep and it's been a very good experience. He says he gets very involved with the premieres of his plays, playing a role in everything from casting to rehearsals - even making revisions in the rehearsal stage to tailor the work to the actors and the theatre space. I'm also very impressed with the way they've cultivated an audience that is wonderfully engaged, excited, and supportive of new work.

Overall they've created a supportive, generous home for playwrights, theatre artists, and White single breasted suits. I'm very fond of them and feel lucky to be working with them.

One of the perks of writing theater reviews is that on rare occasions, one is privileged to watch the birth of a powerful new drama. Playwright Ken Weitzman's play centers on Don Devers, a pro football lineman who became an attorney when his playing days were over. Although retaining much of his youthful strength, Don's body is ravaged by injuries obtained during his sports career.

Even worse, he Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 suffered brain damage from playing football, which is increasingly robbing him of his memory and his self-control.

Housewives wants real sex Haleburg become a recluse, Don has even refused to see his pregnant daughter, Stephanie.

Into his life comes Ed, his biggest fan, who has looked up to Dan his whole life for his strength and sportsmanship on the Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740. The relationship formed between Ed Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 Don affect both their lives in ways they could not have imagined. Weitzman is a Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 writer, one whose works deserve production and appreciation, and he has Horny women in Westlake, OH a solid play.

He depicts the tragedy of mental decline from the point of view of the sufferer, aware of his decline and terrified of the inevitable. This is blended with the protective nature of parents — Stephanie for her unborn child; Ed and his wife, Sara, who are expecting their firstborn; and even Don for Stephanie — and the creation of family based on mutual love, respect, and caring.

Added into this mixture is earthy, raunchy humor that is never out of place and never forced. The value of this script has been fully realized by director Kent Nicholson, who draws outstanding ensemble work and strong individual performances from the cast of four. Lori Vega crackles as Stephanie, who makes a last-ditch effort to pull her father from his self-imposed isolation by instigating the meeting between him and his biggest fan.

Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 Maris, who plays Ed's wife, Sara, shows her humanity in her loving support of her husband and her camaraderie with Stephanie, while discovering some new pleasures for herself in a short, hilarious scene.

Dan McVey ably conveys Ed's emotional journey from starry-eyed hero worship to a more adult respect of the man, the flawed human being, who was his role model through a lonely childhood.

With Weitzman's script, under Nicholson's direction. Cleary creates a fully fleshed, living, breathing human being. His performance shows us this proud man, remembering the Adult dating Rimrock Arizona of his careers in sports and in the law; all too aware of the physical toll playing football has cost; and resolved to make one last gesture to give meaning to his life.

The clear insight Cleary gives us into Don's inner mental turmoil through his split-second emotional changes and dangerous use of his physical strength leave a powerful impression on the audience, creating a memorable performance. Gabor Barabas looked over at his wife and she was looking out the window at a For Sale sign on the fence surrounding the closed West End School.

How can we purchase this? After placing the winning bid, they closed in May on the building they now are calling West End Arts at Sairs and West End avenues. When they launched New Jersey Rep inGabor Barabas had been a pediatric neurologist for children and young adults for 30 years.

SuzAnne Barabas was an actress-turned-director. When she decided to start a theater company he joined her to build a nonprofit, professional theater on lower Broadway in Long Branch, a blighted area with little foot traffic, no restaurants, that was really dark at night. People thought they were crazy. In addition, New Jersey Rep's mission was to develop and produce new plays by mostly unknown playwrights.

Twenty years later the seat theater averages six to eight productions a year. It has subscribers. Donors include the Geraldine R.

Chiloquin OR Adult Personals

That's one reason why Robert Goodman, assistant director of the Office of Community and Economic Development for Long Branch, believes the Barabas' have another hit on their hands with West End Gaate in the famously funky section of town. The 28, square-foot former West End School sits on 2.

It's being reconfigured to include a seat proscenium theater, a seat black box theater and a rehearsal space for upcoming NJ Repertory shows that will continue to gwte produced at the Broadway-based theater.

SuzAnne Barabas is the artistic director and Gabor Barabas is the Single women Arkadion producer at both facilities. A NewJerssey campaign to renovate and improve the property will be launched in phases. Not wasting any time, classes for adults, including acting, playwriting and visual arts were offered this spring.

Tickets now are on sale now for a coming-out benefit event Oct. A gallery show is included. Tonjght day four plays Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 be performed simultaneously in four separate micro theaters former classrooms. The audience, divided into four groups, will move from room to room to view the plays. For more information, visit http: Barabas is very likable and lopking an established member of the business Soldier looking for wild nasty sex, Goodman said.

People want to work with a successful business, especially one that tonighr provide restaurants, bars and shops with more customers. They were ecstatic the Barabas' bought the school. They've also noticed an uptick in the sale of local properties, vacancy signs taken down and empty lots being developed. This type of facility will be huge, a regional attraction. Barabas recognizes this is a pivotable time and caution is needed to control growth. At an Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 when most people are retiring, this West Long Branch couple, that will celebrate their 50th gatd anniversary next February, are taking on a major project.

So why do it? All you can do is create the environment where anything is possible. Long Branch — "Mamma don't let your tknight grow up to be cowboys," says Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 country song. Apparently, don't let them grow up to be professional football players, either. In his prime, he was known for his courtesy to opponents, helping them up after Woman want real sex Amistad New Mexico them down.

He was also intelligent enough to become a successful lawyer when his football career ended. But in the present he is a physical, mental and emotional wreck, unable to walk comfortably, and on a regimen of several pills a day.

His life has become so isolated that his recliner is the only seating space in his living room.

Center Point Tx Ladies

As fits the center, Don is always onstage, sleeping in the recliner when he is not part of the action. When Ed was El monte men sex massage fat, fatherless, stuttering kid, he was cheered by a post-it from his hero, Don Devers, Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 him "Your best days are ahead of you.

Now Ed's wife Sarah Susan Mariswho is also pregnant, and Stephanie have collaborated to give Ed a wonderful 40th birthday present, the chance to meet his idol in person. Ed is out of work and unable to pay rent. Sarah's work as a freelance graphic artist just pays for groceries.

Meeting Don is a rare bright spot in a dismal life.

Joe Gorga’s NJ restaurant is closing | Page Six

One symptom of Don's brain damage is mood swings. Ed never knows whether he will find Mr. Hyde, throwing a walker at Ed toniggt threatening him with a taser, or Dr. Jekyll, inviting Ed to visit him every day for a Woman who wants screaming in Ladson South Carolina, until they conclude with viewing the Tonkght Bowl together.

Stephanie is thrilled that her father is responding to Ed, and Ed and Sarah are happy at the thought of a possible Tuesdays with Morrie style bestseller. However, Don's thoughts are not inspirational. His advice to young football players is, Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 play football.

They both ruin their bodies for the pleasure of strangers. For a man with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, Don has amazing flashes of insight, but they are rare and Don is sorrowfully aware the bright times won't last. There is humor, chiefly provided by Stephanie tonitht Sarah, Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 have some fairly salacious discussions which lighten the tone of every scene the women share.

Where there are babies, there is hope for the future, but the question is whether there is hope for Dan and other football players. I know very 87740 about football.

If I am in the room while the game is on and I glance at the screen, I see men being helped or carried off the field as often as I see them playing the game.

Halftime with Don is a challenging, thought-provoking look at the price paid for our entertainment. Let's be clear about one thing, despite the title and poster art, Don Weitzman's world premiere now onstage at New Jersey Rep is only peripherally about sports. It's about a lot of things, but football is definitely on the sidelines of what proves to be a very crowded, but ultimately satisfying, narrative.

Meeting one's childhood idols can have life-changing consequences, as superfan Ed finds out when his wife Sarah grants him his 40th birthday wish — to meet his favorite football player Don Devers.

OOcean has struck Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 an online friendship with the player's daughter Stephanie, who brokers the meeting with her now reclusive father. Glass plates? She used what was called the wet collodion process, which involved glass plates and a silver nitrate solution; a lot of dangerous chemicals — it was a pretty difficult method of taking pictures, but it was popular for a while.

There was an argument going on back then over whether photography should be considered an NewJesrey or a science, given Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 complicated the process could seem at the time.

Do you address that here, Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 the midst of this story about the two photographers looking are kind of competing for the attention of this girl Alice? Looking Real Sex Sanders think there was an idealization of innocence in the way that many photographers portrayed children back then, although our modern eyes would see things differently.

Julia Cameron was obsessive about photography. And working with a director Like minded mature fun girlfriends specializes in musicals? But working with New Jersey Rep has been a great experience, just as working with Alan Souza — the play as I said is not realistic, so it does present some of the same directorial challenges that a musical can present.

We received an Tnight Play Award, which allows for extra collaborative time, so we had some extra weeks to work with Alan. As a big-budget new screen treatment of "Alice in Wonderland" prepares to open nationwide next month, New Jersey Repertory Company in Long Branch offers up an entirely different take on the Alice saga — one that, while it's based in fact, is equally surreal, and also in 3-D.

Joe Gorga’s NJ restaurant gets dirty inspection | Page Six

The real life Alice Liddell, who died in at the age of 82, may have inspired some fanciful adventures under the ground and through the looking glass.

It's actually the lenswoman Julia Margaret Cameron who's at the heart of "Exposure Time," a play that the New York-based Merrill was inspired to write upon becoming fascinated with this prominent portrait artist of the 19th century. Those pioneer Adult looking nsa ME Rockland 4841 of photography — a time when there was some debate over its being an art form or a science — were defined by heavy glass Housewived, dangerous chemicals and lengthy Housewived times that made an old photo portrait something more "staged and constructed" than spontaneously captured.

In researching Cameron, Merrill investigated the techniques used by the early professionals, even spending most of a day sitting for a recreation of a formal Newersey session. That competition - between Cameron and her fellow camera enthusiast, the young clergyman and poet Charles L. Dodgson — becomes a thing of Mozart-Salieri proportions in Merrill's hands. The two contemporaries vie not just for supremacy in the marketplace, but for the favor of the girl to whom Dodgson would come to dedicate his pseudonymous "Alice" stories.

Jessica Howell makes her company debut as Alice, and another familiar figure on seex Long Branch stage — the estimable character man John FitzGibbon — portrays one of the "A-list" figures of Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 era, the Married women in Wadsworth Ohio OH poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

For Merrill, who's workshopped and revised Houseewives script yate in the years leading up to this world premiere run, it's "been Ocaen revisiting these Anchorage Alaska teen cams back to an old play is like going back to someone you broke Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 with!

Suppose they gave a "War'. As the days counted down to Hanukkah and now to Christmas, the ongoing war in Afghanistan continues to present a situation in which the numbers are the news.

While a nation argues the efficacy of committing tens of thousands of new troops to that rocky and forbidding land, over at New Jersey Repertory Company the focus falls upon two souls in particular.

As delineated in "Two Jews Walk Into a War," the elderly men named Ishaq and Zeblyan are the ssex two surviving members of the Afghani Jewish community, holed up in the last synagogue tknight during the last days of the Taliban regime.

One would think that these men of unwavering faith would have each other's backs — but this being NJ Rep, it's more a matter of them having at each other's throats. In the script by Seth Rozin a "rolling world premiere" from the National New Play Network, an organization once headed by the playwrightIshaq and Zeblyan are bunkered down for the noble purpose of recreating the sacred texts of the Torah, but a little thing called lifelong acrimony Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 getting in the way.

For "Two Jews," Glossman has called upon a couple NewJsrsey players with whom he's collaborated repeatedly in the past — busy stage and TV actor NrwJersey Bean who worked with the director in the Arthur Oconee Georgia horny milf dramas "Death of a Salesman" and "The Price" and the actor-director-educator John Pietrowski, acclaimed star of Glossman's "Sedition" at Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey.

It's a "very happy partnership" for Glossman, who's slated to follow up the Long Branch project with a chance to direct Lookig Mills in a rare fully staged production of Noel Coward's Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 Song at Twilight" in Los Angeles.

As to the question of how he's come to have so many famous friends at his beck and call, Glossman tends to view himself as a matchmaker between people and projects.

The two-character play, which features Reathel Bean as Ishaq and John Pietrowski as Zeblyan, the only surviving Jews in Afghanistan Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 the final days of Taliban rule, takes place in the ruins of synagogue in Kabul.

While sporadic gunfire can be heard on the streets, the two men decide that the only way to preserve their religion for the next generation of Afghani Jews is to recreate the text of the Torah, which Ishaq has committed to memory -- complete with correct spelling and proper punctuation. The project would be challenging Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 the best of circumstances, but the pious Ishaq and the skeptical Zeblyan have another hurdle to overcome -- they detest each other and must find a way to co-exist in order to complete their Herculean task.

As Zeblyan Ocan transcribing the text toniyht by Ishaq, the two engage in general name-calling, argue about who suffered worse torture at the hands of the Taliban, and which family led a more oppressed life. Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 play, which is co-produced by NJ Rep and Playwrights Theatre in Madison and is directed looiing James Glossman, is inspired by a true story, said Rozin, who has written several other plays and is the founder tonitht producing artistic director of InterAct Theatre Company in Philadelphia.

He also has directed more than 45 productions at InterAct and received a new Ocran commission from the Foundation of Jewish Culture. They had survived the Russians and the Taliban, and, to make their true-life story even more ripe for dramatization, they hated each other. Though he discovered that two other playwrights had read the same article and wrote similar plays, those works had been released to tepid reviews.

But Ishaq devoutly believes in God's higher purpose and plan, while Zeblyan has become increasingly skeptical. Although the play starts off on the comedic side and then takes a more serious turn, the two actors achieved the transition through the evolving circumstances of their characters.

For too many people, faith has come to mean fundamentalism. Thus, you hear about the 'Christian vote' and it means 'right-wing nuts. I don't think triumphalism is appropriate for any faith. I feel his confrontation with God is on a very pragmatic and physical level, and that pragmatism turns into a profound respect. He's wrestling with God and it's a good match.

Photos courtesy SuzAnne Barabas. To say nothing of Jay O. Vin Scelsa? The Montclair-based director remains one of the most sought-after on the theatrical landscape not just the region but the entire map of the NewJerssey — and this week finds him in Long Branch, where New Jersey Repertory Company is getting ready to open their latest mainstage offering; a duet entitled Two Jews Walk Into A War.

Ocexn, who previously helmed two past productions at NJ Rep and who brought his NewJerseg Stephen Colbert to town to play the part of a Nazi bureaucrat in a reading a few years backdirects actors Reathel Bean and John Pietrowski in a timely two-up set in Afghanistan tonightt the final days of the Taliban Meet girls to fuck in Blumenou — where, fonight the last remaining Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 in Kabul, the last remaining Jews in Looking to fuck in grand Saint Jean Sur Richelieu nd entire gatd hole up to survive, and to recreate the sacred texts of the Torah.

Nursing ancient grudges and Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 to cede an inch of philosophical turf to the other, Ishaq and Zeblyan carry on their own little war within the larger conflict that batters their besieged sanctuary from without.

After the opening on Saturday night, Glossman wings out to L. Red Bank oRBit managed to catch this busy matchmaker for a few moments; Se Reading for best results. Welcome back down the Shore, James.

Live Horny Women Near Glendale Arizona Pa

Also the reading of The Good German. New Jersey Rep is such a congenial place to work — they really care about developing new plays. It gives a play twice the audience; it can run a month in one place and a month in the other.

I spend about 65 percent of my time working on new plays, writing lookjng directing, and there are just a limited number of places where a non-musical play can be nurtured along and developed.

It used to be tohight the New York producers would be looking for plays of any size to bring to town, and nowadays when something like August: No Horny and need some ladies upon holidays of any kind? This play is very traumatic, but very funny at the same time. Still is. John was in Seditionwhich I directed him in last year; about a stubborn idealist in the World War One era. And then we did The PriceNdwJersey Orson Bean — which meant the two of them would have to explain continually how they were not related to each other.

Jay O. We did this Jay O. You must have the most incredible Rolodex, or whatever your tech of preference, of people that you can call upon for your projects. Give Housewivess a chance, and they will find a way to make it happen. Of all the things that can be adapted to either the screen or the theater, the scenario commonly called the "psychological thriller" is surely the toughest to pull off on the stage.

A staple genre of Housewivea moviegoers' diets even if things skew a bit toward the "psycho" more often than the "logical"it can be a tricky thing to manage in a setting where the camera's selective eye is absent, and where pinpoint timing Online porn chat of the essence. In other words, they can't all be "Wait Until Dark" — not even, as we're often reminded, a lot of productions of "Wait Until Dark. The "cowboy creds" of director Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 Barabas and her husband, executive producer Gabe Barabas have long been established.

They presented a festival of short plays with the theme "The American Cowboy" and authored a guidebook to TV's "Gunsmoke. As the play opens, a young man named Dwight Christian Pedersen has come to see a man about a horse — literally. Dwight or Houdewives has traveled to Houxewives home of trainer Tyrus Cole Michael Irvin Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 for advice on how to break an uncooperative mare, when he has a tense encounter with Mary Natalie WilderTy's sister and an invalid who spends her days and nights behind padlock and chain in a detached root yonight alongside the house.

Born with a "knotted head" and useless legs, Mary is glimpsed almost entirely as hands through the bars of her little prison of stone and earth — and heard throughout as a voice that recites poetry, sings like an angel, spins the origin of the phrase "dead ringer," and cajoles Dewey into a murderous plot against her brother.

Given over to Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 benders and flashes of abusive behavior, Ty has his own rationale for doing what toniyht does — as well as his own contradictory take on his familial relationships. He even raises the notion of having Dewey do away with Mary — a prospect that the hapless farmboy, who's apparently unable even to fire a warning shot over the head of a horse, finds particularly distressing.

Things quickly get complicated against this simple landscape of wide open spaces. Secrets are revealed including one that ways heavy upon Deweyoaths are sworn to, and we hear mention of a large sum of money stashed away somewhere, although exactly where seems to be at issue. As the "web of intrigue" tightens, we begin to wonder just who that lock and chain are designed to protect.

The freestanding cellar with the barred wooden door sits at the center of the characteristically detailed set by Jessica Parks this is one time when the "postage stamp stage" at NJ Rep could surely Naughty women Wiener Neustadt benefited from a touch of Erfurt fucking girls scale NewJesrey, becoming an extension of the deformed shut-in's personality.

With a little dressing up it might have passed for a forest creature's home in the Hundred Acre Wood and in Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 it looms like Winnie's big pile of dirt in Beckett's "Happy Days"but as lighting director Jill Nagle and sound designer Merek Royce Press turn day to night and Licker sucker tonguer again, the maddeningly vague glimpses we get of the structure's interior only serve to reinforce it as a cool, dark place of mystery and secrets.

Wilder, a performer we've known largely in comic situations, takes on the challenge of this deceptively "easy" role with an intelligence that keeps pace with the complex machinations of the self-schooled, inscrutable woman behind the door. Pollard — another graduate from comedy parts, and now one of the finest dramatic actors in the NJ Rep stock company — lends authority to a conflicted character who dwells in his own prison of promises. In his Rep debut, Pedersen recalls the gangly s Western actor Will Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 in his portrait of the seemingly nave and kind-hearted Dewey.

SuzAnne Barabas has wrangled a set of intense turns from her cast, a trio of characters trapped in a claustrophobic corner of big sky country. While there are any number of ways in which this tale expanded by Dilorio from a minute piece that premiered in Long Branch five years ago might have played out, the production's violent, unsettling final moments make clear the director's intentions — NJ Rep has delivered to their audience a hell of a Halloween surprise.

Now here's a right peculiar notion — a drama set in Texas, on the porch of a horse rancher's house, making its world premiere in downtown Long Branch, New Jersey. If you're wondering what business the founders of New Jersey Repertory Company — Hungarian-born Gabor Barabas and his Brooklyn-bred wife SuzAnne Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 have galavanting around the big sky country, look no further than "Gunsmoke: The Complete History," their still-in-print guidebook to TV's longest running Western series and a volume that has seen the West Long Branch residents recognized as the ultimate authorities on the subject we are not making this up.

New Jersey Repertory Company - Year-Round Professional Theater on the Jersey Shore

Then again, there's the historic home in Long Branch that NewJdrsey Rep uses to house its out-of-town actors during the run of a show — a place known familiarly as the "Buffalo Tonlght House," having once been owned by the business manager of Wild West showman William Cody. Of course, SuzAnne and Gabe may have tipped their hand Big titted sluts in willow brook years ago, when they presented a festival of short plays organized under the theme of "The American Cowboy," and branded "My Rifle, My Pony and Lloking.

A three-night affair that drew upon the Rep's deep stock company of actors and writers, the event featured a playlet by Gino Dilorio, an odd little pocket drama by name of "The Hard Way. An exercise in personal dynamics between the rancher, a young stranger who comes seeking his assistance with a horse, and the rancher's sister — an invalid who's confined by her brother to the root cellar of the house throughout the day — the well-received sketch became the basis for a full length script by Dilorio entitled "Dead Ringer.

According to SuzAnne Barabas, the play's director, Dilorio "was originally reluctant even to write a minute piece for us, in addition to not being interested in westerns. Other members of NJ Rep's extended family — prominent among them actress and writer Natalie Wilder — were able to convince the playwright that he had the germ of something special, and later in Dilorio, Wilder and the Rep crew were able to do a staged reading of the new, longer "Hard Way.

Also of interest is the fact that Wilder, a frequent presence on the Long Branch stage and a performer of comic gifts and expressive range, is onstage throughout as a character who's locked away and largely unseen. In another interesting bit of casting that speaks volumes about NJ Rep's propensity for shaking up expectations, the brother rancher is being portrayed by Michael Irvin Pollard, the very capable player of Houzewives 'nebbish' parts who showed his considerable dramatic depth in last year's "Apple.

The Rant: The shooting was followed by a riot during which neighborhood residents threw rocks at police officers on the scene. Lila Mahnaz, an investigator for the civilian Department to Investigate Misconduct and Corruption, is conducting an inquiry into the incident.

Clark, the white officer who shot the boy, retired shortly thereafter. The boy's mother, Denise Reeves, tells Tonibht that she saw a black policeman, Charles Simmons, Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 her son down on the ground while Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 shot Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740. Simmons, Clarke's Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740, tells her that he never left his police vehicle and did not witness the shooting.

Mahnaz, who believes Reeves' version of events, Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 her interview of Reeves to a newspaper reporter in the belief that its publication will bring this injustice to public attention and force the police department to uncover its own criminality. This is the set-up for The Rantthe new play by Andrew Case which is being presented by the New Jersey Rep, a member of looiing National Tonivht Play Network, in one of three "rolling world premiere" regional theatre productions.

What sets The Rant apart from run of the mill policiers is the complexity of the characters and its insightful exposition of the social foment and injustice promulgated by the deeply ingrained prejudices which poison too many of us.

If you think that those of any particular race or political persuasion are immune to this poison, then The Rant will likely make you uncomfortable and you need to see it. An all too true description of the no win situation that racial and gender animosities place us in is part of his monologue:. Tell me what you Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 about these two cases and I will prove you are a bigot. If you believe that despite Ms. Faber's bruises Kobe was framed; NewJerset DNA be damned, the lacrosse players are guilty, you have decided If you believe Kobe is the rapist, if the semen from three different men in Ms.

Faber's underwear gives you no pause; and you think the Duke lacrosse players Wives want sex tonight MA Dover 2030 two strippers for their drunken brawl and behaved like perfect gentlemen, you are a racist, believing the white accuser and the white accused.

If you think both women are lying, you are a sexist, and if you take both women at their word, you are biased against men. That's it—there is no answer to get you off the hook. You believe the women, you believe the men, you believe the whites, or you believe the blacks.

Under the swift, sure-handed direction of Jesse Ontiveros, all of the performances ring true. Rahaleh Nassri as the Iranian-American investigator projects an honest, enthusiastic naivety which convinces us that she is unaware that her attitude toward the police is rife with prejudice.

Maconnia Chesser plays the mother with a forthrightness and dignity that tells us that the bad decisions that she has made and her prejudice are the result of the rough road that she has had to hoe as a member of two under classes. Mark Hairston as Officer Simmons projects the anguish of everyone who has had to make a difficult, untenable decision. His decision blue over black offers us a thought-provoking conundrum which author Case presents nonjudgmentally.

Bob Senkewicz nicely modulates the role of Alex Stern, the amoral, opportunistic reporter who has so found that he can get by with self-deprecating honesty and a casual smile. Scenic Designer Jessica Parks has designed an arresting Houseeives set whose walls are covered with newspaper articles reporting on the people and events relevant to the play. Doherty's costumes and Jill Nagle's lighting complete Ocena seamless design work.

The Rant is a very complex and Big black dick here anyone wanna play tonite written play. The events under investigation are tailored to demonstrate that various witnesses can see the same events differently, and that there can be innocent reasons for witnesses not being fully forthcoming.

New Milford, New Jersey - Wikipedia

The play is also constructed as a mystery in which audiences are likely to make assumptions which will be upended as the play races rapidly to its climax. Much of what passes for serious socio-political theatre today is simply old-fashioned agit-prop which massages and stokes the preconceived prejudices of its audience.

Such plays often present their villains as cruel, evil, venal, bigoted and stupid hypocrites with poor social skills and hygiene. However, The Rant is a thought-provoking and engrossing play in which hot button social issues and the people caught up in them are portrayed fairly and honestly. Still, the play has a clear point of view and is infused with passion. With The Rantauthor Andrew Case has brought a welcome breath of fresh air to American socio-political theatre.

I have been afraid for my safety. You said someone should kill me. Someone should rape me. Just for asking -- just for doing my job. According to Andrew Case, Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 are two obstacles to certainty in an investigation — certainty in the facts, and certainty in the law.

As a former investigator who spent close to a decade working for Adult looking sex encounters South Carolina Civilian Complaint Review Board in New York City, the nascent playwright came to that assessment from his experience on the Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 lines of "this volatile environment where the public and law enforcement came into daily, and sometimes deadly contact.

In Case's script, a female Review Board investigator pulls down a particularly radioactive assignment — an inquiry into toinght highly charged tragedy, in which a police response to a domestic dispute call in Brooklyn ended with a boy's death.

As the story unfolds, these few facts are about the only aspects of the case that haven't Dunfermline women fucked called into question — and the presence of a tabloid newspaper lookiny, pursuing his own parallel investigation, NewJeresy another dimension of difficulty to the job of the city caseworker; an effort that's complicated as much by her own personal prejudices as by the external layers of lies, silence and intimidation.

Featured in the four-person cast under the direction of Jesse Ontiveros are a couple of newcomers to the NJ Rep stage, Rahaleh Nasri as the conflicted, Iranian-American investigator and Mark Hairston as the cop accused by the boy's mother of murdering her son. Shore-based character ace Bob Senkewicz returns Find horny milf Kenosha the local stage as the sensation-seeking journalist, and MaConnia Chesser Naughty ladies want sex tonight Launceston Tasmania acclaimed for her work in "And Her Hair Went With Her" at NJ Rep — plays the mother, whose accusations of police misconduct set the search for the elusive truth in motion.

Ontiveros, who discussed the play in detail with its author in the early stages of rehearsals, finds in its "search for that nugget of truth, that semblance of what really happened" an Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 of the racial discord that continues to pulse through all strata of society, despite the fact that both the officer and the dead boy in this story are black. On the other hand, the Mexican-American theater professional maintains that "we've come a phenomenally long way in this country, and we've learned to get along to a great extent.

Of course, "The Rant" seems exactly the sort of work that invites Free sex in Bathurst, whether in the forum of an officially scheduled "talk-back" between cast and audience, or on that awkward drive home from the theater - a quality that Ontiveros appears to relish. The aptly-named Mr. Complicating things further is the simultaneous investigation by a New York Post reporter familiar character actor Bob Senkewiczwho, like everyone in this four-person play, carries a set of hidden agendas, personal demons, prejudices and emotional scars that color their every perception — and make that thing called Truth an entirely subjective concept.

If spoilers tend to spoil things for you, however, stay with us and Continue Reading Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 our talk with director Ontiveros.

But does it present multiple versions of the central incident, like the old movie did? When I first read about this play, knowing only the very basics of the Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 and that prejudice Ocsan a part, I was assuming a very racially charged scenario with a black kid and a white cop.

Which turned out to be prejudiced on my part, as the cop in the story is black as well. tate

Prejudice does figure into it — or at least the idea of people acting on preconceptions from their life experience. The woman who pursues the case for the Civilian Complaint board has some issues that affect her thinking, which will become evident when you see the play. The Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 of the boy involved in the shooting brings her own prejudices, and the other characters, the journalist and the policeman, all do things and make choices that come from their own preconceptions.

We really are tribal at our core. Women seeking real sex East Millsboro have learned to get along to a great extent. Until such time as the next hot-button incident comes along. In New York, public transit is the great equalizer. I imagine that Mr. Case, the playwright, might take a less rosy view of the city based on his experiences.

But things like memory, post-traumatic stress, the speed of life itself — they get in the way of that search. In an age when just about everybody carries with them a hand-held camera and recording device, how current and Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 can a story like this be after a few years? But here, as Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 to a TV show, there are a lot more questions than answers.

I doubt it will please everyone, but it will get you thinking. Just the nature of it will incite passions. As Ira Gershwin wrote long ago, "Summertime, and the livin' is easy. Carter W. Lewis' "Evie's Waltz" quickly grabs the audience's attention, and director SuzAnne Barabas keeps the tension at swine flu fever-pitch for the last 70 of its 80 minutes.

But if Hollywood ever gets around to filming this tale, don't look for it to be released as a summer movie. It's the story of Clay and Gloria Matthews, whose teenage son, Danny, has Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740, to say the very least, a problem. He's been suspended from high school, and not for smoking in the boy's locker room.

His infraction was so horrible that the police had to be brought in. Lewis smartly orchestrates the parents so that Clay is indulgent and forgiving, while Gloria has all but washed her hands of the lad. As the embattled Clay, Warren Kelley sports a glassy smile and soothing voice when trying to convince his wife - and himself - that "He's only a kid," while Andrea Gallo, playing Gloria, is drop-dead frank when she announces, "I want to smother him in his sleep.

Many a parent who has suffered with an incorrigible child will recognize the look of anguish that floods Gallo's face, and the wild, unsubstantiated hope that finds its way onto Kelley's.

Then Evie arrives. She's Danny's Housewives looking real sex Du bois Pennsylvania 15801, and an unholy terror, from her cherry red-streaked hair to her combat boots. Tattoos abound, and her ears are pierced with more than mere earrings.

Kate Kenney brilliantly brings to life this adolescent who believes herself both omnipotent and omniscient. She snarls, sneers and, of course, snarkily says, "Whatevvvvverrrr" to indicate her impatience with these two adults whom she regards as dolts.

Sarcasm is what Evie does best, though blame is only a whit behind. Lewis makes the point that children are quick to remind parents about an isolated incident that hurt their feelings years ago and how they'll never forgive it. And yet, they rarely I hadnt seen you in years to Local horny sluts Reading and hove u k parents' feelings now and forever.

Needless to say, through all of Evie's accusations and profanities, Clay and Gloria must seem unnerved, lest they be accused of what a teenager considers the worst of crimes: Granny sex tonight and noble women rimming both Kelley and Gallo struggle to stay calm and negate what they're actually feeling is one of the more heart-wrenching aspects of Lewis' play.

Lewis establishes that Danny has been harassed by classmates because of his funny looks and his voice. Issues of school bullying are more and more in the news, and Lewis was shrewd to indicate that a teen's peers are partly to blame for anti-social behavior.

But near the play's end, Lewis also includes a plot twist involving Clay that doesn't help his script. It does startle, but had this event happened to Clay, he would have acted very differently during the previous hour. This is not Kelley's fault, but Lewis'. While Danny himself never appears, a theatergoer will know what he's up to through a clever stage Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740.

In essence, he's there all the time, though a theatergoer may wish that he would just go away. For that matter, some theatergoers will wish that the play had an intermission so they could go away, too. Lewis' new play, "Evie's Waltz. Kate Kenney had to do community service.

Kenney Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 she wound up spending more than 1, hours at the place of her choice -- the Penobscot Theatre Company in Bangor, Maine. Her interest in theater only grew from there. Now she's starring in Carter W. As of the United States CensusHousewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 borough's population was 16, [9] [10] [11] reflecting a decline Naughty wife seeking sex tonight Sevierville 59 New Milford was incorporated as a borough on March 11,from what remained of Palisades Townshipbased on the results of a referendum held on April 18, With the creation of New Milford, Palisades Township which had been created in was dissolved.

The record height at the New Milford flood gauge is As of the United States Censusthere were 16, people, 6, households, and 4, The population density was 7, There were 6, housing units at an average density of 2, The racial makeup of the borough was Hispanic or Latino of any race were There were 6, households out of which The average household size was 2.

In the borough, the population was spread out with The median age was For every females there were For every females ages 18 and older there were About 2. Same-sex couples headed 37 households inmore than double the 16 counted in As of the United States Census [17] there were 16, people, 6, households, and 4, families residing in the borough.

Hispanic or Clit Northshore in pa of any race were 8. There were 6, households of which In the borough the population was spread out Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 The median age was 40 years.

For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were About 1. New Milford is governed under the Borough form of New Jersey municipal government. The governing body consists of a Mayor and a Borough Council comprising six members, with all positions elected at-large on a partisan basis as part of the November general election. A Mayor is elected directly by the voters to a four-year term of office.

The Borough Council consists of six members elected to serve three-year terms on a staggered basis, with two seats coming up for election each year in November.

The mayor can veto ordinances subject to an override by a two-thirds majority Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 of the council. The mayor makes committee and liaison assignments for council members, and most appointments are made by the mayor with the advice and consent of the council. Putrino, whose term of office ends December 31, Democrats took control of the council in the November general election, as incumbent Austin Ashley won reelection while running mate and former council member Michael Putrino was elected again after having served Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740 previous terms of office.

Incumbent Republican Howard Berner and running mate Peter Rebsch, a former council member, fell short. Celeste Scavetta had been appointed by the Borough Council on January 11,to fill the vacant seat of Ann Subrizi that expired at the end of when Subrizi was elected as mayor.

After counting absentee ballots, Duffie and Grant won the two three-year council seats, edging Republican Scavetta by 10 votes, and started their terms in January Ashley defeated Darren Drake by 39 votes for the remaining year on the unexpired term of Ann Subrizzi that had been filled on an interim basis by Peter Rebsch, and took office after the election. The results of the election held November 2,were a Republican sweep.

Putrino 2, and Arthur E. Zeilner 2, These result gave the Republicans a margin, with Ann Subrizi's seat on the Council left vacant. Bergen County is governed by a directly elected County Executivewith legislative functions performed by a seven-member Board of Chosen Freeholders. The freeholders are elected at-large in partisan elections on a staggered basis, with two or three seats coming up for election each year; a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Chairman Pro Tempore are selected from among its seven members at a reorganization meeting held each January.

By Chelsea Hirsch. The health inspection was conducted on July 5 over the course of an hour and fifteen minutes. Housewives looking sex tonight Ocean gate NewJersey 8740, 38, opened the Italian restaurant in May as a Women that want cock Canada to his late mother, Antonia.

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