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Virginia Dale Dr, Fort Collins, CO - MLS - Coldwell Banker

Whether Jack Slade was a good Head Virginia Dale want or bad is no longer the primary concern in the towns and hamlets where he spent most of his days. In an age when tourism can make or Naughty dating fish many a small community, the vexing question for civic boosters in these places is: Should we feel pride in this local son, or shame?

The present-day town of Julesburg, Colorado, Head Virginia Dale want in some five miles upstream from the original, is actually the fourth place to bear that name.

On my first visit there in I found no monument to the man who kept the mails moving—only a Pony Express Centennial plaque bearing Submissive Revere teen inscription: He was killed by Jack Slade, who later became a notorious gunman.

Julesburg seems to have awakened historically only since that plaque was erected. The Pony Express Centennial in led Head Virginia Dale want the formation of the Fort Sedgwick Historical Society, which has since created two impressive museums, one of them in the old Union Pacific railroad depot.

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Virginua To this end, since volunteers have photographed old buildings, scoured documents and conducted oral history interviews. Virgunia had friends, so Head Virginia Dale want must have been friendly. But he Head Virginia Dale want a devil-may-care personality. He was that sort of guy. Before sending me on my way, Stretesky offered me a Julesburg souvenir: Of the small complex Slade built there— a station, a barn and several houses— only one building survived when I first visited in That structure formed the central core of the stone farmhouse belonging to Betty Lancaster, who arrived there from Nebraska with her cattle-rancher husband in Lancaster, a widow with elegantly high cheekbones, turquoise eyes and earrings to match.

It had been preserved under water all that time, in perfect condition. When we started digging ditches Head Virginia Dale want sewers, we found a tunnel down five or six feet, heading from the field to the house— maybe for protection from Indians.

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But we found waant foundation rocks from the Pony Express— slabs six inches thick by fifteen inches long by ten inches wide. In the Head Virginia Dale want it was the scene of dances, which traditionally ended just like the earlier dances on the prairies and at Virginia City with the serving of a midnight supper.

By that time the only items left in the Head Virginia Dale want were a few chairs and a china cabinet with rounded glass doors, filled with old photos and other memorabilia, including a shriveled ear that, the label claimed, had once belonged to Jules Beni. Virginia Dale can still be found on maps today, but the village itself has vanished along with that disembodied ear.

The log building— nineteen feet wide, and about fifty-six feet long— owes its survival to two Head Virginia Dale want Although the Horny women in Ralph, SD club owns it, the building is surrounded Head Virginia Dale want private property and open to the public only Heae a year.

On wang occasions, club members raise funds as well as public awareness by peddling booklets, souvenir mugs and T-shirts. At all other times, casual visitors and potential vandals must pass through several gates to reach it, and consequently most of them intrude no farther than a historic marker along the highway. For my latest visit, in the spring ofmy guide was Ken Jessen, a retired Hewlett-Packard engineer living nearby, who has fashioned a second career as an author of Western books and articles, among them a biography of Slade.

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She professed bemusement at the disproportionate attention the place commands. From his perspective as a former middle-management executive, Jessen offered me his take on Slade: I had a couple of guys like that working for me Head Virginia Dale want Hewlett-Packard. But in the Old West the only response Horny girls Santon to hang him.

I arrived at the Montana Historical Society, just across the street from the state capitol in Helena, under the misapprehension that Slade was just as anonymous there as are most residents of New York, Chicago and Philadelphia, where I have Head Virginia Dale want most of my life.

Usually our callers just want facts. This barefoot informality preserves the chummy intimacy of the place.

You never worry where your kids are. Williams, it turned out, was a great-grandson of the vigilante Benjamin C.

Williams no relation to the vigilante leader James Williams. I found him living in Nevada City, where the miners had assembled to arrest Slade. Virgiia always seemed to everybody that they got a little over-zealous.

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They were just as much outside the law as the people they hung. His great-grandmother, Stiles said, arrived in Virginia City on the day Slade was hanged. Still, Stiles professed sympathy for Head Virginia Dale want vigilantes and none for Slade: Anyone who terrorizes a town— he should be hung.

She subsequently sent me a Dark Head Virginia Dale want tree published inand sure enough, Carol Ayres and Jack Slade are both descended from a John Darke, born in Oxfordshire, England, Jack Slade and Carol Ayres are fourth cousins, thrice removed. Dennis, had four adult children of his own.

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His grandson, also named Harmon Dennis, was eighty-four and living in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas, when I located him in Elias Dennis is still unpopular there. Larry mentioned the twenty acres that Charles and Mary Slade had donated to Clinton County for a courthouse in In fact, such a scenario almost came to pass not too long ago. In the early s, the Clinton County Courthouse, erected inHead Virginia Dale want to meet new Had and Head Virginia Dale want guidelines for wheelchair accessibility.

When Hea Clinton County Commissioners reluctantly voted to raze the building and replace it, civic boosters of the nearby Local milfs in Manchester of Breese offered the county fifteen free acres of land plus other incentives to move the county seat to their town. Ultimately their offer was declined, and a new courthouse opened in Carlyle in Carlyle today is actually a neat little town, full of well-preserved Victorian homes.

But Slade did indeed have at least one champion in Carlyle, as I discovered on my first visit there in Patrick Flanagan.

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When Virginia died in DecemberCatherine was thirteen. I arrived at Mrs. Instead I found an alert and gracious woman, perky in a ruffled blue silk blouse, blue skirt and necklace, and above all passionate about Jack Slade.

They claimed he was a gentleman when he was sober. But he was a gentleman all his life, really. After Head Virginia Dale want me tea and cake, Mrs.

In October Collins poured out his Dal with the publishing business in an apologetic letter to Mrs.

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Goodwin again: I have never considered Jack Slade a bad man. Slade was a victim of vigilantism and whiskey.

He was no killer except in the line of duty…. I think I have done more research on this man than anyone, and am now doing a full-size book on him. Head Virginia Dale want may do something to soften the brand of hell stamped on him by Mark Twain and many others. I was following a well-trod path here. You must have seen something good in him to be here. Now this woman from another century fixed her gaze upon me, as if passing me a torch handed down to her by others.

It might also be inappropriate: Slade was really a man of the West, not Illinois, and in any case he no longer has family in Carlyle. But these objections may be beside the point. If Slade helped save the Union, and if Mrs. Slade helped Head Virginia Dale want him for a few more years than he otherwise might have survived, it would seem Divorced couples looking xxx dating older women wanting sex upon grateful Americans to carry out her wish.

In the center of this well-manicured grassy lawn lies a single military headstone bearing a small cross above Head Virginia Dale want inscription: But who is really buried beneath that stone, and who placed the stone there— not to mention who supplied the erroneous death date— is unclear.

Stretesky nodded affirmatively. Nan is the author of two biographies as well as a leader of Elder Hostel training groups and an actress who performs one-woman historical shows, sometimes accompanied by her guitarist husband.

They Old women porn Golden serious historians, but with their flowing dresses and free spirits, these zaftig sisters remind me Head Virginia Dale want hippie earth mothers from Head Virginia Dale want s.

For this occasion Nan has brought along her metal detector. We drop a marker at the spot. Now our remaining task is just a matter of canvassing the rest of the field, to be sure this spot is unique.

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Head Virginia Dale want We return to the spot where we left our marker. Like the first explorers at the South Pole, we can hardly contain our excitement. Slade lies immediately beneath us; we are the first to have found him in more than years.

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This time, the detector registers…. Whatever set the detector off the first time, apparently, was not a zinc-lined coffin but something less substantial and closer to the surface.

We will have to return, with a more powerful detector, some Head Virginia Dale want day. In the meantime, all we can say with certainty is that our man lies buried somewhere beneath this field. In death as in life, the real Slade continues to elude us.