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Frum female at the gym

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Skirts are not recommended for skydiving. The most important thing is safety first. This is actually something we learn from our foremother Rivka.

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Eliezer brought Rivka back as a wife for Yitzchak. Genesis The Rashbam explains that Rivka jumped down out of modesty, so that Yitzchak should not see her straddling the camel.

But Rivka had just returned from a long journey with Eliezer and other men—why was she riding immodestly in the first place? Rivka had three choices: Safety trumps tzniyus when necessary.

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This is a spectacularly bad idea when traveling 60 miles per hour in a 3,lb. Not only could one get a ticket in New York City, at leastone could get killed. Wear your seatbelt or stay home.

While Rav Moshe did say that G-d-fearing women should refrain, the basic law is that it is permitted. Sign up for our Shabbat Shalom e-newsletter, a feale roundup of inspirational thoughts, insight into current events, divrei torah, relationship advice, recipes and so much more!

We look forwar… https: Rabbi assaulted in Argentina by gang shouting anti-Semitic slurs - https: But there are some limits. But when I read this: More activities can be done safely in a skirt than I would have thought.

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Judge allows Orthodox woman to work out in skirt at gym

OrthodoxUnion Rabbi assaulted in Argentina by gang shouting anti-Semitic slurs - https: Join the OU conversation today! Sign up for the Shabbat Shalom newsletter and more! Recipes only Advanced Search. Can I join a mixed gym? View latest: THe hours are good. Its a NYSC.

COuld this arrangement be done without compromising Tsnius? Back to top.

In answer hym the thread title It's a free country. The only thing is, why would you ask, unless you know deep down it's not the smartest thing to do.

So my advice But my advice is just that Not a Psak. It just felt so wrong!!!!

You had these two orthodox rabbis working out side by side with ladies. A couple of tznius dressed ones but most not. Not to mention the skintight clothed frum 8th grader.

Last month, there was a news story in which an Orthodox Jewish woman sued her gym for refusing to allow her to work out in a skirt. Yosefa. The gym's clientele, the majority of whom are Orthodox, pay annual membership fees of NIS 2, to 2, By p.m., the women are. I think I've always been surprised how commonly people (usually women) ask about halacha and going to the gym. But especially about.

It was just all too much for me. And was then that I realized this is just too weird.

Frum female at the gym I Am Want Sex Meeting

But yes, some rabbanim will allow it. Especially for health. It's not always about halacha, your Rav might allow it, but you might feel very uncomfortable working out side by side with the guy across the street, or your friends Frum female at the gym, your husbands chavrusa or business partner etc.

Anon since everyone here seems to think its a bad idea.