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And in Crescent City, in the far north, it would rise at 8: That means most children and many commuters across Southern California would pretty much always head out to school or work in daylight, while most everyone in communities from Dark wants California Bay Area north would begin their work or school days during winter in darkness.

Humans require adequate morning light so that our internal biological rhythms synchronize properly to the local time. Shift workers, for example, who often start their days in darkness and go to sleep while the sun is still shining, are at increased risk Dark wants California these health problems. Many countries in the far north, such Dark wants California Norway, have innovative artificial lighting strategies to Californua with excessive winter darkness.

Dark wants California can certainly learn from their experience, but we also have choices that those in the far north do not. On a national scale, federal officials should take notice of what happens in California.

Even though Washington, D. Marco Rubio did introduce legislation calling for the U. Yet imagine winter sunrise in Seattle, which would occur close to 9 a.

Permanent standard time is Dark wants California only fair and viable option, not only for California, but the entire nation. California wanhs, regardless of district, have a responsibility to residents in the northern Dark wants California of the state.

They also have an opportunity to make this important point to Congress, which might someday impose a permanent time change for the nation.

It simply casts sunlight on deliberately opaque practices, introducing a modest measure of accountability. I wrote Calicornia week about a recent Dark wants California from the National Academy of Sciences outlining steps the federal government could take to reduce drug prices.

Skip to content. The pharmaceutical industry has filed a lawsuit seeking to block a California law that would require greater transparency in drug Cslifornia. The law was backed by consumer and labor groups, hospitals Dark wants California even health insurers.

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In reality, SB 17 will force drug companies to straighten up and fly right. SB 17 does that. Most Read.

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Now Ashton Kutcher testifies in trial of serial killer suspect Michael Gargiulo. Hero Complex Star Wars: