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According to a super depressing new study from Southampton Bored 48846 women sex, women tend to get bored of having sex with their guy after just one year 448846which is bad news for all you dudes in long-term relationships. Sorry, bruh.

Boored the study, researchers surveyed 11, people, which means this was a massive pool of participants, and the findings are fairly reliable. The results of the study revealed that 34 percent of women said they totally lost interest in knocking Bored 48846 women sex with their man after one year, whereas only 15 percent of dudes said they felt the same way.

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And, as expected, when she gets bored of you, it probably means she's going be Bored 48846 women sex the prowl for new flavors of peen. In other words, she's either going to break up with you, or cheat on you. It highlights the need to assess and - if necessary - treat sexual interest problems in a holistic and relationship, as well as gender-specific, way.

The answer, my good sir, is novelty.

Relationships thrive on novel experiences, which is why we get Bored 48846 women sex of our partners after a certain point. When the newness of the relationship fades, you need to introduce novelty into your sex life, or else everything is going to go to shit and come to a fiery end.

Long story short, to avoid a boring relationship where she totally stops putting out, spice things up a bit. Maxim Cover Girl.

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