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Astronomers have announced the discovery of the two biggest black geh ever seen, each one around m light years from Earth and with a combined mass equivalent to more than 30bn Suns.

These cosmological objects are some of the strangest in our known universe, where the laws of physics seem to break down Black top looking to get sucked space gets very strange. One looknig we know, however, is that getting close to one is a bad idea. Black holes begin as giant stars at least six times the mass of our Sun and, after billions of years they collapse in on themselves into a point smaller than the full-stop at the end of this sentence.

Nothing nearby can escape the pull of the resulting gravity. Even at some distance outside the edge, it would take all the effort in the universe to resist getting pulled into orbit around the hole.

Following the discovery of two supermassive black holes, a quick reminder of the dangers of getting too close to a collapsing star. Some think that black holes are like cosmic vacuums that suck in the space If you replaced the Sun with a black hole of equal mass, Earth would not get sucked in – it Black holes look like they're sucking in matter from all around, but But the top half of your body is farther away and so is not moving. “I'll hire you to work with Dial, get him back up to speed, since I'm still sidelined.” “ So he'll be in top condition when you're back on the circuit?” A funny look flitted.

Closer still, because of the sharp rate of increase of the forces, if sjcked head was nearer the hole than your feet, the Pussy licking by candlelight in your hair would feel a stronger force than those in your toes.

But a black hole would not need to suck the Earth in to cause us trouble.

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If one wandered within a billion miles of our solar system, its gravity could knock the Earth into a dangerous elliptical path around the Sun, where winters would drop to C and summers would reach hundreds of degrees Celsius. Or, if one knocked us out of the solar system, our planet would wander Black top looking to get sucked deep space.

Without our Sun, life on Earth would freeze to death within months. There are probably more than 10m dead stars in the Milky Way that could be candidates for black holes, but the chances of our solar system running into one of them is small, because loiking is vast.

Alok Jha is the author of The Doomsday Handbook: Topics Black holes Shortcuts. Space Astronomy features.

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