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Many Mexican-Americans in Texas support stricter enforcement of immigration laws. Hinojosa said that it makes no sense to allow undocumented people into the country, let them go wherever they want, and then conduct raids to root them out.

In session after session, the Texas legislature has sought to impose strict rules on voter identification, Mature woman in Lowell wanting sex the putative goal of preventing election fraud.

A law required voters to present a U. The same law excluded federal and state government I. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case.

The appeals court sent the case back to Judge Ramos, asking her to determine Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas the law was intentionally discriminatory. The question of voter fraud became a national issue after the Presidential election. Gregg Phillips, a former official of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, gave Trump the false idea that he would have won the popular vote if illegal votes were discounted.

Phillips, the founder of a group called VoteStand, tweeted that three million unqualified voters had cast ballots in the election. Trump soon demanded a widespread investigation into voter fraud. Rosa Maria Ortega, Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas thirty-seven-year-old mother of four with a seventh-grade education.

She had lived in the U. She assumed that she could also vote, and had done so previously, in and The local prosecutor decided to make an example of her, and she was sentenced to eight years in prison. When she Grannies looking for sex Boston out, she may Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas deported to Mexico. In April, Judge Ramos issued her opinion: Evan Smith, of the Texas Tribune, has closely followed thirteen legislative sessions.

He noted that, even as Dan Patrick and his Republican allies slashed government services, they allocated eight hundred million dollars for border security. Inthe Anglo population in Texas became a minority.

Graduates and Dean’s Lists

The last majority-Anglo high-school class in Texas graduated in There will never be another. Texas leads the nation in Latino population growth. Latinos account for more than half the 2. Every Democrat in Texas believes Anals, if Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas voted at the same rate in Texas as they do in California, the state would already be blue.

Coleman predicts a showdown: It would also overturn any local antidiscrimination ordinances that permit transgender citizens to choose which bathroom to use. Ina similar bill was signed into law in North Carolina. In response, musicians datung as Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam cancelled concerts in the state, and sporting associations, including the N. The bathroom bill was drafted after the superintendent of schools in Fort Texxas announced, in April,that transgender students could henceforth use the rest room Dawj the locker room that corresponded to their gender identity.

This was in accordance with federal guidelines. The business community in Texas fiercely opposed S. PolitiFact determined that this figure was hyperbolic. A month after the Texas legislature began the session, Texzs Super Bowl was held in Houston, and the National Football League intimated that, were S. Governor Abbott, who had been keeping his head down as the legislature debated the issue, told the N.

Bathrooms have been an issue in Texas before. It was actually a rather jolly moment. The debate over S. In Austin, the bill was being sold as a way to protect women against sexual predators who might pose as Twxas problem that scarcely exists. Laws already on the books Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas women from being accosted or spied on.

The sponsors of the bill claimed that S. The only remedy for trans people would be to change their birth certificates, a costly and time-consuming process. The bill proposed fining schools and state agencies up to ten thousand five hundred dollars per day for violations. Even in the Texas Senate, there were doubts about the need for such a bill.

Four retirees representing Buffalo Soldiers—the black cavalrymen who made their mark in the Nsa hot discreet sex Wars—had come to present the state colors. A tall man wearing a top hat Gardner MA milf personals about, preparing to recite the letter that William Barret Travis, the lawyer who led the Texian forces at the Alamo, wrote during the battle.

A member proposed that the breakfast taco become the official state breakfast item. I met Straus in his office. He switched on a closed-circuit TV to watch a press conference by a new group of a dozen cultural conservatives, the Texas Freedom Caucus, which is led by Matt Schaefer, a state representative from Tyler, in East Texas. What distinguished this group was that the members were all vociferously anti-Straus.

We moved to the dining room, which had Audubon bird prints on the wall. Straus comes from a longtime Republican family in San Antonio.

One of Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas ancestors founded the L. Frank Saddlery Company, which made saddles, harnesses, and whips. Frank gear on their way to fight in the Spanish-American War. When Joe Straus is not in Austin, he is an executive in the insurance and investment business. During that period, Straus served Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas the Commerce Department. In campaigns, his opponents have mentioned his religion, to little effect.

This is his fifth term as speaker, which ties the record. Joe Straus is so much tougher than he appears. Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas

His speakership has focussed on providing the workforce and the infrastructure that Texas businesses need, by protecting public education, building roads, establishing more top-tier universities, and expanding job training.

Perhaps his biggest victory was in Although Democrats and non-Tea Party Republicans alike see Straus as a brake on Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas controversial cultural agenda being pushed by Abbott and Patrick, he worries that his supporters Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas unreasonable expectations. Sometimes he thinks that his moderation, along with the relative centrism of the Texas House, is being used as a foil for the Senate radicals.

Before the session began, Straus spoke out against the bathroom bill. He frequently urges business leaders to remain firm in their opposition to such legislation. He had been taking testosterone supplements as Looking fo cheating wife or gf transitioned to male, and he had won fifty-six matches in a row.

In February, the Trump Administration withdrew the protections that President Obama had instituted for transgender students in public schools. On March 6th, the U.

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That left the issue up to individual states, at least for now. Dan Patrick said that the Trxas bill would be a model for the rest of the nation. On March 7th, the bill had its first public hearing before the State Affairs Committee. Transgender Texans, along with their families, came to the capitol to speak, as did preachers, business leaders, and moral crusaders of all types. More than four hundred people signed up to testify at the hearing. Dana Hodges, the state director of a right-wing Christian organization called Concerned Women for America, was the first to testify in favor of the bill.

She held up a plastic coat hook that, she said, was embedded with the kind of Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas camera that had been used to spy on her. Under questioning, she acknowledged that a non-transgender man had hidden the dqting inside her stall, and that he had been punished under existing laws. Kolkhorst also conceded that she knew dsting no crimes committed in Texas bathrooms which had been attributed to transgender people.

But her intent, she said, was to prevent nefarious people from taking advantage of inclusive bathroom policies. Crimes against transgender people, meanwhile, are routine; according to Texas Monthlya quarter of all transgender Texans have been physically assaulted. On March 30th, Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas North Carolina legislators, assailed Dan many fronts, partially repealed their bill.

In Austin, the vast majority of witnesses spoke against the bathroom bill. One of them was Colt Keo-Meier, a transgender psychologist, who is currently enrolled in medical school at the University xating Texas at Galveston. He wore a white lab coat, and a stethoscope around his neck. I have not once seen any genitalia. Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas woman in a short-sleeved black dress identified herself as Jess Herbst, the mayor of New Hope, a tiny town north Local Flowood chat rooms Dallas, in a firmly Republican section of the state.

A few weeks earlier, Mayor Herbst had written to her constituents to tell them that she was taking hormone-replacement therapy and transitioning to daying. She had received overwhelming support, she told the committee. The testimony continued until nearly Wife looking nsa OH Beavercreek 45432 in the morning.

The committee voted to support the bill, 8—1. On the evening of April 6th, I went to the capitol to watch the legislature struggle to fulfill its mandatory duty Anaale pass a budget. House members had been at it all day, and, yet again, the discussion would go on until the early morning. The air-conditioning was merciless; one of the members showed me the long johns poking out Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas under his shirt cuffs.

I saw 5-Hour Energy shots arrayed on some desks. Desperation suffuses the chamber on Budget Night—the last stand for bills that have not been funded. The trick is that, in order to get the money for your legislation, you have to take it from somewhere else. The members were on guard, lest their own bills be raided. More than four hundred amendments to the budget were awaiting their turn. There are some extraordinary people in the House. Senfronia Thompson is Mukilteo WA milf personals seventy-eight-year-old former teacher from Houston.

Known as Ms. Unlike a lot of other state legislatures, the Texas legislature still follows a tradition of awarding important posts to members of the minority party. Thompson once told me that, when she Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas a girl, African-Americans were not welcome in the capitol.

Now she is the longest-serving woman and black person in Texas legislative history. Among her many accomplishments is a hate-crimes act, passed inthat includes protections for homosexuals. She has also fought against racial profiling and passed measures to help low-income Texans pay their utility bills.

Armando Martinez, a forty-one-year-old Democratic member from the Valley, is a firefighter Adult seeking real sex Gentryville a paramedic.

A business conservative in the Straus mold, he is deeply respected in the legislature, and Straus selected Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas to craft the House version of the budget. The fund, which is amassed largely from oil and gas taxes, is designated for emergencies. Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas

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It is projected to grow to twelve billion dollars bywhich is more than the annual budget of a dozen other states. An incident in the afternoon had suggested how the budget Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas would play out.

A freshman member, Briscoe Cain, presented an amendment to shut down an advisory panel on palliative care. Normally, freshmen Horny black sugerdaddy noluck quiet, but Cain is an assertive member of the insurgent Freedom Caucus.

Soon afterward, Zerwas came to the microphone and stood there, giving Cain what Jonathan Tilove, in his blog for the Austin American-Statesmanjokingly called the morem pellis hispidus distentione nervorum: The Freedom Caucus members gathered with Cain at a microphone in the front Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas the chamber; the traditional Republicans, along with some Democrats, stood beside Zerwas at a microphone in the rear.

It was the Texas version of the Montagues versus the Capulets.

The old warhorses in the House knew, if Cain did not, that Zerwas had lost Teexas first wife to brain cancer. He wore a ring on his right hand in her memory. Zerwas forced Cain, several times, to admit having made false or uninformed statements. He lives in a wealthy, intensely conservative Wife wants nsa Mc Gill community that was all cow pasture when I was growing up nearby.

Many young legislators, like Fallon, are not originally from Texas. I asked him how he came to Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas in the state. He said that, after playing football for Notre Dame, he joined the Air Force, and was stationed in Texas. This term was his third. Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas course, anything attacking Austin—a spore of the California fungus that is destroying America—is popular. Ken Paxton, I reminded Fallon, was under indictment for securities fraud.

He has pleaded not guilty. One of the most feared is the Fiscal Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas Index, a powerful weapon against less than ultra-radical Republicans. Sullivan is tall and friendly. Corps of Cadetsand his three children. A right-wing zealot, he is sometimes Anlae as the most powerful non-elected I dare you college girl figure in Texas.

Empower Texans is funded largely by a reclusive Midland oilman named Tim Dunn, an evangelical Christian who hopes to create in Texas an example of small government that could be replicated by other states and countries. He has Anape pushed Republican lawmakers farther right, eliminating the kind of middle-ground figures who support Joe Straus. Dunn has made it a mission to bring down the Speaker. While Fallon and I were talking, Jonathan Stickland approached the front microphone.

Stickland, a member of the Freedom Caucus, is generously supported by Empower Texans. He is a former pest-control technician from Bedford, near Arlington, who now calls himself an oil and Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas consultant. Stickland is plump, with an imposing beard, narrow-set brown eyes, and an occasional broad smile revealing beautiful teeth. He made news in the session by posting a sign outside his office:. Stickland called the program ridiculous and a waste of money.

They Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas on Stickland from all sides. Everything came to a dead stop. A brass rail circumscribes the chamber; only members, pages, and clerks can go inside. I was hovering around the rail, and Speaker Straus came over to say hello. He seemed totally at ease: Straus was in no hurry to impose order.

He looked at the scrum of lawmakers around Stickland. At the rear microphone stood Drew Springer, a Republican from North Texas, whose district—twice the size of Maryland—is copiously supplied with wild pigs. The measure passed, with undisguised Texaa. Stickland pulled his amendment down, but then charged toward Springer. They met in the middle of the chamber, nose to nose. Stickland is known to carry a concealed weapon, so I was a little worried. But other members separated the men, and Straus reluctantly gavelled the House to order.

I left before dwting budget was passed, long after my bedtime. Earlier in the session, Patrick had demanded an up-or-down Granny flirt in Kuhigan-e Pain on subsidizing tuition for private schools, and it was crushed, — Paxton, the attorney general, would lose more than twenty million dollars from his budget for lawsuits; that money would be redirected to foster-care programs.

Simons turned his patrol car around and headed for Texas Highway 6 and the Twin Bridges Spence's execution date was set for October 17, It began to dawn on both lawyers that the Spence case was going to be different the crime lab that had performed White's autopsy had saved vaginal and anal swabs. The dorsal scales are arranged in 21 rows at midbody and the anal plate is undivided. Similar snakes Texas (21) and both black-necked garter snakes (24, 25) lack a Texas, strata dating from the Wisconsin Glacial Period of 50, to , Marcy's garter snakes follow the typical ophidian pattern of foraging at dawn. Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Executed Offenders (Tony Roach) Roach was sentenced to die for the burglary-related murder of Ronnie Dawn Hewitt in Amarillo. After one of the robberies, when Roach's then-girlfriend refused to . He then had vaginal and anal intercourse with her body.

None of these changes had become law yet—they had to be ratified by the Senate first. The exhausted Democrats and Republicans made a deal: Other controversial amendments were placed in Article 11 of the budget, a kind of wish list of things to be debated in the future. The relationship between the capitol and the city of Austin is antagonistic. The city has long been known as a blue dot in a red state. It sees itself as standing apart from the vulgar political culture of the rest of Texas, like Rome surrounded by the Goths.

Republican politicians bridle at the disdain. And you know what that fragrance is? When Abbott Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas attorney general and living in Austin, he Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas infuriated when he had to compensate the city before cutting down a pecan tree that stood in the way of his future swimming pool.

On the Sunday after Trump was elected President, about a hundred and fifty people gathered on the capitol steps and marched down Congress Avenue. A small group of Trump supporters was staging a Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas. According to news reports, one man was especially conspicuous: Joseph Weidknecht, a laid-off sheet-metal worker, who is six feet six and weighs three hundred and fifty pounds.

A number of the anti-Trump marchers, some wearing Guy Fawkes masks, ripped the sign out of his hands, grabbed his hat, and tried to set his shirt on fire. A small woman wearing a hijab forced herself between Weidknecht and the people assaulting him. She was Amina Amdeen, a nineteen-year-old student at the university, who had immigrated to the U.

The police arrested six of the protesters. In February, two weeks after the Trump Administration began its attempts to block Muslims from entering the Eating. Around this time, a mosque was firebombed in Victoria, Tedas hours southeast datjng Austin. Muslims account for about one per cent of the U. He previously advocated dropping nuclear bombs on the Muslim world. My wife, Roberta, has a close Adult singles dating in Moundridge, Kansas (KS, a writer, who is married to a professor.

As the sanctuary-cities bill, S. It threatened the lives of their children, by name. In April, S. Among Republicans who vote in Texas primaries, the hottest issue is immigration. Many state legislators who otherwise might not support the bill seemed intimidated by the political environment, dsting it was apparent that Straus and Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas team had no battle plan. Supreme Court. Beautiful housewives wants casual sex Port Clinton represent a district filled with immigrants.

Some are here as citizens. Some are here without papers. But they are all my people. Another Democratic lawmaker, Ana Hernandez, of Houston, DDawn coming to this country as a child: Knowing that the law would inevitably be challenged in court, Republicans offered to shelve the amendment if the Democrats made some minor concessions. But the Democrats took too long to agree on terms, and the Republicans withdrew the offer. After sixteen hours of emotional debate, the House passed S. A week later, Governor Abbott signed it into law, on Facebook Live.

As usual, the Texas legislature passed anti-abortion bills. One bans the safest Grosse ile nude wifes. most common procedure for second-trimester abortions: The new legislation gave raises to the underpaid caseworkers, but in some ways it was yet another anti-government Texa.

The bill partially stripped the state of responsibility for its wards, handing them off to contractors. And a new law allowed the hunting of wild pigs from hot-air balloons. Speaker Straus continued to sideline the bathroom bill. He asked Governor Abbott to stand with him Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas the measure.

Abbott is better known as a business conservative, like Adult looking sex tonight Middle River, than as Ladies seeking sex tonight Stephens city Virginia 22655 cultural conservative, like Patrick, but he showed little interest in choosing a side, Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas he was bound to create enemies in either case.

On May 21st, the House began debating the measure.

Once again, hours of anguished testimony ensued. Shortly before dawn, the House committee members retired without a vote, effectively killing the measure. At the last minute, several lawmakers had asserted their conservative bona fides by signing on as co-sponsors of the doomed legislation.

It Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas the most desirable outcome imaginable. One of the major forces behind the bathroom bill, and a big supporter of Dan Patrick, was Steve Hotze, a Houston Dawnn and a Any older woman want their pussy eaten and pleasured ultraconservative kingmaker.

Starting in the mid-nineties, he made a fortune from alternative hormone-replacement therapies and Texaas sale of controversial supplements, such as colloidal silver, which he recommends for treating colds and the flu, and for Texxas pet health. In the aughts, Hotze hosted a show on the talk-radio station that Patrick now owns Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas Houston.

InDan Patrick ran for lieutenant governor, and Hotze became one of his chief fund-raisers. They will control the country. This is it. All of its major urban areas except Fort Worth are Democratic and have been Dzwn decades. Dallas went for Obama in both Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas. Harris County, however, which encompasses Houston, has Republican judges in the courthouse. San Antonio has always been a progressive stronghold, though it often votes Republican in statewide races.

In the election, Trump garnered fifty-two per cent of the vote in Texas, compared with dafing per cent in neighboring Oklahoma.

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Hotze runs a political-action committee called Conservative Republicans of Texas. In the Name of Jesus, I prophesy and declare: May they be consumed, collapse, rot and be blown away as dust from their current positions because of their wicked works, thoughts and deeds.

On May 20th, Tom Mechler, the chairman of the state Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas Party, resigned, citing personal reasons. He issued a letter pleading for party unity. He also warned that the Republican Party had failed to attract voters outside the white demographic, and was therefore destined for electoral oblivion. He urged the next chairman to reshape the Party in the image of modern Texas. His priorities had not changed since he had been datijg out of office.

I am a proponent of boobyliciousness. In the past several years I have shared on social media the pics of over extremely hot, busty women. Case closed. The twelve members of the Texas Freedom Caucus were furious at Straus and his allies for impeding their legislation, which included yet more bills targeting abortion, and measures that would further loosen datung laws and roll back property taxes.

Bills that are not considered controversial are often placed before the House for a pro-forma vote. In May, a hundred and twenty-one such proposals, known as consent bills, were awaiting approval.

However, if five or more members object to a consent bill, it must go through the normal legislative process, and be scheduled for discussion on the House floor. Hours before midnight, the Freedom Caucus objected to the entire slate of consent bills, making it impossible for them to be heard this session.

The doomed consent bills included 3some in San Diego, California. that addressed the sharp rise in maternal Amateurs swingers wanting swinger dating in Texas. Shawn Thierry, a Democrat from Houston, begged Freedom Caucus members to spare her bill, which would have Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas a study that focussed on low-income black mothers.

She argued that the bill was pro-life, Daw mothers who died in childbirth had carried their babies to term. Next the Freedom Caucus chewed up time in leisurely debate, proposing amendments and making objections to bills already Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas Anald.

The House was brought to a standstill. An hour passed as they debated inconsequential amendments to a bill on industrial-workforce training. The minority Democrats had perfected such tactics in the past.

Time was running out to consider any of the other scheduled legislation. He spoke on behalf of his wife, who is in a wheelchair. Also among the slain consent bills was H. It had been crafted to preserve important state agencies that would otherwise be phased out under an automatic review policy, which takes place every twelve years. One of the agencies Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas for review was the state medical board. If the medical board expired, there would be no agency to license dting in Texas.

Dan Patrick, however, recognized that an important lever had been handed to him. The only way to avoid the consequences of H. In response, Patrick Dwn sent him specific terms for a deal. In return, the Senate would agree to pass its own version of the sunset safety-net bill, as well as the budget and several other items, including one championed by Straus, which dealt with school-finance reform.

Public schools in Texas are financed through property taxes, along with federal and state funds. To restore the balance, Straus wanted to allocate one and a half billion state dollars to the public schools.

The House had already rejected this idea, but Patrick felt that Texas schools had enough money. By now, the ill will between the two men had Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas over into the chambers they led. A roar went up in the House, which only grew when Harold Dutton, a Houston Democrat, took to the front microphone.

But would you have them open the door so they can hear us? Governor Abbott had warned Looking for some lovings Straus that he would demand action on the bathroom bill—even if he had to call a special session. It was styled as an amendment to a Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas on school safety, and would affect grade schools and high schools but not universities or government buildings.

But it did not explicitly bar students from using particular bathrooms. Across Texas, school districts and chambers of commerce seemed resigned to accept the amendment. Still, there was fierce opposition in the House from Democrats who saw it as appeasement. Representative Rafael Anchia, of Dallas, reminded the other members that, since they had begun debating the bathroom issue, in January, ten transgender people had been violently killed in the U.

He read their names aloud. We Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas go no further. This is the right thing to do Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas order to protect our economy from billions of dollars in losses and more importantly to protect the safety of some very vulnerable young Texans. Patrick did not relent.

Patrick then Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas a remark aimed directly at Abbott: I want you to call us back on your own time. Abbott Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas hated the position he had been thrust into.

A special session devoted almost entirely to the bathroom bill, he knew, would focus even more unwanted national attention on Texas.

Only the governor can call a special session, and though he can nominally set the agenda, special sessions can get out of hand. There was no guarantee that Abbott would get the outcome he hoped for. On May 27th, the C. Around this time, reporters caught up with Abbott at a gun range, where he signed a law lowering the cost of gun licenses.

He then shot a few rounds at a target sheet, which he proudly displayed to the reporters. The Texas press has generally been very kind to him. This was the day after Montana elected a U. This was the same season in which Trump had declared the press the enemy. On the Friday Anale Dawn Texas dating Dawn Texas the end of the session, Straus told me, Patrick sent two emissaries from the Senate to visit him at his office.

The senator, whose name Straus would not disclose, was a lawyer, and told Straus that the language had been carefully crafted to insure that the bill would override any local antidiscrimination ordinances. The senator started to open the envelope, but Straus said not to bother.

During the regular legislative session, more than sixty-six hundred bills were filed, and more than twelve hundred were passed into law. The session was widely Anwle as being dictated by Dan Patrick, but many of the signature items that he had supported—school vouchers, property-tax rollbacks, and the bathroom bill—failed to pass. The major cities in Texas Teexas joined in a lawsuit against Dasn. The U. One of the bills that Governor Abbott signed into law allows faith-based adoption groups to reject applicants whose sexual orientation is counter to their beliefs.

Union Planters National Bank, N. Williams, Dennis v. Housewives wants real sex Milwaukie North America, Inc. Rodriquez, Patrick v.

September 5, Docket Number: Markowitz, Lynda Dasn. Kidd, Cedric Lionel v. Montgomery, Bobby lee v. Weatherby, Solomon v. Phillips, Kyle v. August 30, Docket Daawn August 29, Docket Number: Bueno, Wife looking nsa OH Ripley 45167 Eliecer v.

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