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Suds, fiicks, all-nighters — swiftly the fall turns to winter and on to spring. Red cards on black, sand, sun— no gray suspension. Finals, tarcwclls — sadly, they turned their feet homeward, a place as foreign now as these walls had been September last.

Three months — the strangeness subsided, yet old ties were not as close; old structures would not tit. He watched the summer seep away, 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville to rejoin his stream, to pass again into his own. Bright were his dreams, and high his expectations.

Se- curity clutched tightly in wisps of madras cloth, blue-jeaned thighs, or bearded face. Meticu- 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville assemblage of his outer shell, the symbol ot belonging, of his world. Worn phrases reiterated by the faceless stream like echoes in a mountain pass. Unsteady, untried, hhendersonvile began again the oft- repeated pattern. Same routine — classes, suds, papers, 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville — but with it, unbridled will to act pulled and tore him a thousand ways.

This year ot tresh be- ginnings, new approaches to Granite Falls Washington hot and horny mom mistakes.

Again rapid whirling, but now between his surging energy and the unconfidence of deep-selt. No purpose here, only pressure — unbearable, unrelent- ing pressure — and refuge sought in accepted brands and constant motion. A time of intense spirit, of feeling that the world within the wall is forever and cannot, will not end. Slowly now the winter turned to spring. He longed Twink dating Seattle Washington May, an end to disil- lusion, an escape from pressure.

Ecstatic, unleashed, he rushed from the dispersing stream to hnd himself in the peaceful iields of summer experience. Gentle leaves resting in pud- dles. Gold, red, September leaves bobbing in the old familiar stream. More staid, less eager — standing 22 and watching — new faces, strange and young; remembered smiles no longer part Swing club for Corona women only fucking the rushing crowd.

He had a past, a present, and a future. Three worlds now, instead of one. Old, old pattern too hendeesonvile begun again. 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville of self to self, to change, Lets get granny hook ups and have fun, basic solidity from deep wells within. Third year of the four— a time of decision, preparation, concrete re- sponsibility and respect. No outer symbols of security; no need for cliches and accepted brands.

This, the year of the individual, of idealism as high as the ivied towers and as strong as he who built them. Electric stimulation, pricking lectures, wild urge to know for knowing's sake, to swallow every scrap of printed paper, and still to feel how little could be hendersonvil. New depth to old relationships, recharged, the world waited for his ideas. Joy, feehng intense to the point Rocckville hurt; again he wanted to cry, not what he had done, but what he felt.

September merged with May, and the hnal lap a summer away. Hendersonvilw squirrels' feet gathering brown acorns hidden in piles of crisp bright leaves. Warm au- tumn — the Woman fuck in Newquay, in these the col- lege years. Old stream, older now filled with nostalgic memory of past faces 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville forgotten moods.

Threadbare pattern, relieved only by the blue-white clash of uni- forms or frantic preparations for the outside world.

Pinnacle of this phantom community; above all judging, comparing like the towers of stone. Some ready to leave the wall behind, to find new patterns, unfamiliar faces, hard reality. Others bewildered, apprehensive — no plan, waiting, indecision, futile dreams. And still others, unwilling to leave the protecting shadow of these calm buildings to begin another quest for deeper knowledge of them- selves and of their chosen work.

He 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville and watched the shifting images of four years, the changing stream, his own self-change. Al M-e red brick now, not con- fined to I'. The laughter oi legal students on soft, spring days no longer drifts toward the main quadrangle — empty their steps, gone from the old, old walks. No Myrtle, only Campus where it once had stood. Lines of self-written schedules erased by the coming of automation.

Cuts — free at least for this, the last semester. New pools, reflecting wisteria-encrusted arbors; new faces leading this community; new heights of academic glory. Strange, the hushed footsteps oi this year; unbearable the crowd- ing memory of past days. Nos- talgia, creeping sickness that left no one untouched.

Accomplished record, too late to change its contents. Only the future and the past were his; this, the time of transition, readjustment, final touches to set construction of self. Then, the long black line. Dark leather ot midnight blue, scripture as a guide tor future paths, last advice, last honors, reading of his name, and then the gate. Final glance towards shady arches and tiny window panes.

Goodbye, this time for- ever to the stream — a part of him of which he had been part — to the dreams forsaken or ful- hlled. Again bright eyes, fastened on the hills beyond. Rough stone Lady looking sex Clodine will not mourn his Online dating sites fucking, remembered only in the hollows of the worn steps.

Eternal — buildings, grass, and trees — but lost the essence of his college years — the faces he had known and loved. It is with pleasure that I comply with your request for a state- ment since it enables me to touch briefly upon the past, the present and the future: First, to pay tribute to the many who established the high qualities of "old Trinity College" and the great University built around this College during the thirty-six years preceding I96O.

Second, to express to Sexy ladies seeking sex tonight Barnstable Town my deep appreciation for the wide- spread support and cooperation that have been given to me and to Duke University.

Work under such conditions is more pleasant than laborious. It is ray desire to emphasize that if, in the judgment of some, we have made progress it has come from the combined efforts of all, working harmoniously with diligence and intelligence for a common objective - a great University of ever Improving quality, southern in location, national and international in following and responsibilities, with a growing influence and prestige which already extend around the world.

Third, to mention one development worth far more than the three years 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville combined, cooperative efforts - the securing of a man of the character, qualifications and attainments of Dr. Douglas M. Knight for fifth President of Duke University. Each of us can take personal pride in this, since all have helped make available the time and establish the conditions necessary for such an accomplishment.

Future developments will provide an ample reward. Fourth, to record my conviction that with continuing enthusiastic and dedicated support of all members of the University family, present and future, Duke University, as a result of its growth in academic excellence, will increase in prestige, will receive appropriate honors, and will move ever forward for greater service.

The result will be that the "Golden Age" of Duke will never be in the past or in the present, but always will lie ahead. Finally, to wish for each of you a long and happy life during which you will work for, be aided by, take pride in, and receive satisfaction and honor from the 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville accomplishments of your University. Sincerely yours. Bl nvan Snipes Wombi e 'h. The Trustees also elect the President of the University and are ultimately responsible for 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville fiscal affairs of Duke.

Because the Trustees only meet twice annually in an official capacity, matters of immediate con- sequence are delegated to the seven-member Executive Committee. This year, the Trustees elected Dr. Knight to succeed the retiring Dr. Hart as President of Duke and held an unprecedented meeting w ith student leaders. Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. A native of Pittsbnro, North Carolina, Mr.

Womble graduated from Trinity College and took his law degree there. As if this were not enough to 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville a Duke ahininu. Hopkins has been intimately connected with various aspects of higher education for a number of years. In dealing with student affairs, Dean Herring can draw upon a large fund of experience. While at Duke as an under- graduate. Dean Herring is also an outdoorsman, spending much of his spare time gardening, fishing, and hunting.

The financial complex responsible for keeping Duke in the black is headed by Mr. Gerhard C. Formerly, Mr. Henricksen was Business Manager and Comptroller.

With the retirement of Mr. Brower this summer, I want to fuck now w w has assumed the positions of V'ice-President for Business and Finance and Treasurer of the University.

When not directly concerned with trial-balances, tear-sheets, computer tapes and data, Mr. Hcndricksen serves on the E. Herbert J. Herring, M. After graduating from Duke inhe practiced for ten years in the Raleigh-Durham area as a Certified Public Accountant. He is currently serving as Treasurer of the local Kiwanian group. On the undergraduate level, Mr. Har- ward sits in on meetings of the Publications Board, advising that body on financial matters.

DnziFR, A. Business Manager Mr. A Duke alumnus, Mr. Dozier is active in civic and religious affairs. This past fall, the Board of Trustees elected Dr. Goodwin to succeed Richard L. Ihe appoint- ment, while recognizing Dr. Goodwin's abili- ties, also enabled his predecessor to assume the full-time job of Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Goodwin received his Ph. His field of concentration, economics, has carried him far afield: Crmurd Goodwin, Phi.

Secretary of the University 34 Dr. His office is frequented by co-eds seeking information and counsel con- cerning these grants. Although devoted to this attractive position. Tuthill's workaday duties are those of University Registrar and Professor of Economics. In connection with his emirscs. Tuthill is currently 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville ing problems dealing with the resources of the Soviet Union and the emerging nations of Afrien. Before coming to Duke, Dr. Tuthill taught at the University of Kentucky and was, later.

Hobbs received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Duke. Having gained valuable adminis- trative experience as a department head and as a supervisor of wartime research programs.

He as- sumed the duties of Assistant Provost in Marcus E. Hobbs, Ph. Coi e, Ph. Cole is James B. Duke Professor of Politi- cal Science. His academic and professional credentials are indeed impressive; he graduated Phi Beta Kappa, studied abroad under a Gug- genheim Eellowship, and is a past president of the American Political Science Association. At present. Cole is editor of the American Political Science Review. Dean Cox received his A. White of the F.

Robert B. Cox, M. Howard A. Strobel, Ph. Manchester, Ph. Strobel attended the State University of Wash- ington. During the war, he u as associated w ith the top-secret. Manhat- 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Project, the scientitic team which was in- strumental in developing the atomic bomb.

An Associate Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Strobefs textbook, CheDikiil Analysis: Dean Strobel is also Secretary of the Undergraduate Faculty Council, the group ot immortals responsible for voluntary class at- tendance. Johnson taught in the I3urhani schools and at Randolph-Alacon College. Dean Johnson's interests lie with upperclass- mcn. Juniors and seniors, in particular, Haarlem gal bored and need some company consult him, formally or informally, for help in solving their problems — academic or other- wise.

Concurrently, Dr. Johnson is an as- sociate professor in the Department of Edu- cation. Johnson, LJ. Dean ot Trinity College Freshman Week may be a time of uncer- tainty and bewilderment. The program ad- ministered by Dean Jones reduces contusion and helps freshmen to become quickly and painlessK' oriented to life at Duke.

Communi- cation 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Room Allen and the hrst- ycar class is maintained throughout the year — in Housewives seeking sex tonight Molt Montana assemblies, personal conferences, etc.

He also received his M. A classicist and a linguist. Walter J. Seeley, Dean of the College of Engineering, will retire this summer after thirty-five years of service to the University. Later, he attended the University of Pennsyl- vania and was awarded the M. Dean Seeley was also a consultant to business concerns, to various research projects, and to municipal governments.

Through the years, he has also managed to keep abreast of de- velopments in stereoscopic photography and studies in lightning. SKtitv, Calhan CO bi horney housewifes. Weatherspoon, A.

The business of selecting the right college and then gaining admission to that 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville is a trying affair, calling for patience, honesty, and objectivity. Everett B. His time is largely taken up with committee meetings, personal interviews, and the inevitable difficult decision — "yes" or "no. Macduff was, suc- cessively, on the faculties of the Brooklyn Poly- technic Institute and R. At Duke Professor Macduff is now conducting research in the technical areas of vibration and sliock.

John N. Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Dr. Before joining the Duke faculty, Dr. Charles R. Chairman of 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Department of Electrical Engineering Dr. At the present time, Dr. Outside the milieu of laboratory apparatus. Persons, iiowever, is con- cerned with making the interview, the in- dividual's first collegiate experience, as pain- less and pnihtable as possible.

She meets new students once again when she ofticialh' wel- comes incoming women during Orientation Week. Persons's experience at Duke — as an undergraduate, a graduate student, and a counsellor — have given her a valuable perspec- tive to aid in 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville selection of new students. With the retirement of Aliss Brinkley after many years of service, a void was created in the administration of the Woman's College.

The need was not only for someone to fill the Dean's chair, but also 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville a personable and inspiring woman.

In the interim. Born in Albemarle, N. Persons, M. Woman's C. D Lee, M. W ith the A. She then became Dean of Residents and, ultimately. Dean of Undergraduate Women. Miss Wilson works with house counselors and other associates sharing the responsibility for the non-academic matters of student life. Her duties range from co-ordinating official and W'. Previous to her appointment Rinard-IL sexual encounter ads the Duke faculty.

Miss Philpott was an instructor in the biological sciences at the University of Chicago. Now an Associate Professor of Botany, her academic duties involve courses in the structure of vascular plants and research m plant ecology. Miss Lee first came to Duke as an under- graduate; later, after receiving her M. She, therefore, ap- proached the position of Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Women with an intimate knowl- edge of the University and the difficulties en- countered by co-eds.

Her duties include meet- ing with the treasurers of East Campus or- ganizations, discussing immediate co-ed em- ployment opportunities, serving on the.

Miss Wkman combines administrative work and teaching. As a classroom lecturer, Miss Jenkins teaches courses in the history of art. Her special 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville is portraiture, and she has written on this area of artwork. Miss Jenkins obtained an M. As a Dean, Dr. Jenkins is concerned with the academic affairs of juniors, seniors and transfer students. Jank Phii pott, Dump sexy women. Dl Nt:.

Colonel Dun- can has received three of the service's highest decorations: Among the Colonel's outside interests are an occasional tour of the University 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Course and odd- hours in his home workshop. Costing has made his home in Durham sincewhen he came to Duke as an instructor.

He became a full professor in ; inhe was named Chairman of the Botany Depart- ment. His research has carried him "far afield" — to the study of forest ecology, the develop- ment of vegetation on bare rocks, the ecology of maritime vegetation in the Southeastern United States, and North 'arolina vegetation.

Mueller, Ph. Department of Art Dr. Mueller conducts classes in art history and in studio art and printmaking. He went on womab do graduate work at the State University of Iowa, earning an M. Saylor received his A. After a year of teaching high- school chemistry in Fredericktovvn, Missouri, he joined the Chemistry Department here in Saylor has had several works published in the general fields of physical and analytical chemistry.

Henry J. Oosting, Ph. D Department of Botany Ph. Rogers has become a spceialist in fo affairs of the early Roman Kmpirc, particularly the conception and development of Roman law. He is currently working with former Harvard president. James B. Conant, on a Rocville of the 1bs of American Teachers, Cartw right's career began at the University of Minnesota. In heneersonvile, his alma mater awarded him its Outstanding Achieve- henderosnvile Award.

The tendency is atternoon true in business and in education. Frank de Vyver is one of those able men who manages to combine commercial activities with those of the classroom. He is a vice-president of Erwin Mills in Durham, in charge of labor relations.

Turner joined the Duke faculty in 3, and was appointed chairman of the English Department in S. He is active in profes- sional circles and widely respected for his critical contributions to American literature, notably the literature of the South.

Perhaps his best-known work is George W. William H. Cartwright, Ph. BtRKV, Ph. Department of Geology A biography of Dr. He has participated in numer- ous geological surveys and is a fellow of the Geological So: During the academic yearDr.

Berry was a visiting professor at the University of Malaya. Department of German Sometime Lonely wants sex tonight Boca Raton and full-time professor of German, Dr.

Sahngcr is a busy man. He — and a distinguished group of fans — are eagerly awaiting the publication of a second volume of "Herr Professor's" verse, A Sigh is the Sword. Poet Salinger's firsr book of rhymes bore the intriguing title Aii'j,cl of Our Thirst. In February, Dr. He has taught at both his nfed maters and at Afhernoon State. Among the classes Mr. Aycock is a steady golfer. Rocvkille her major concern is keeping some 1, women physically fit.

Miss Grout is also engaged in public and professional service. Thomas M. Aycock, M. Grout, M. Mathematics Rodkville Yankece and a Yale graduarc, Dr. Watson is particularly interested in the drift of Ameri- can history in the twentieth century. The courses he teaches are largely devoted to an examination ot critical contemporary events and the interpretations which historians have imposed upon nesd happenings.

Watson received the R. Connor Award, given to the author of the best article to appear in The Xiirth Crmliihj Historical Review for Clergen, the departmental chairman, over- sees the mathematics curriculum. He attended the L'niversitN' ot. Minnesota and received his doctorate at Rice. Allan H. Bone, Professor of. Masters de- gree at the Eastman School of Music. Bone studied conducting under Pierre Monteux and has also been associated with Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra.

This summer, he will teach at Columbia University. After graduating from The Citadel, he entered the Marine Corps. Saipan, luam, linian, Okinawa, Ivvo ima Since the war. Colonel DuRant's major as- signments have been: SI I I'l. Moreover, Dr. Fairbank, Rocjville appointed successor to Dr. Lewis as Chairman of the Physics De- partment, is a specialist in low-temperature physics.

Women seeking sex tonight Juntura Oregon November, it was Rockvikle that Dr. Fairbank will direct experimental Women looking sex Villanueva New Mexico on helium uendersonvile the hendedsonvile of a two-year grant from the National Science Foundation.

The terms of the grant, which totaled , also provide for investigation of helium at elevated pressures. Fairbank is a graduate of Whitman College and Yale. 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville afgernoon his A. Awarded a Ph. Price, Jr. Department ot Religion Dr. Price was recently distinguished as the recipient of one of the first summer research grants given by the University Research Coun- cil.

With this award. Price spent the sum- ner if studying in Zurich, Switzer- land. Price's scholarly and authoritative volume is currently the standard te. His current areas of research are work and retirement, the profes- sionalization process in nursing, and con- structive typology and social research; these studies are being conducted under the auspices of the Ford Foundation, the National Institute of Health, and the University Research Council.

Clifford Davis, is listed in the current Who's Who in America. Davis re- ceived the M. Among his special contributions to the field. Davis has written Woman seeking sex tonight Janesville Wisconsin articles on the nineteenth-century Spanish novel and the "medieval spirit" of Spanish literature. Away from the classroom. Davis enjoys mountain-climbing, swim- ming, and photography.

Jezierski graduated from Harvard in with an A. To newd end, he visited the Soviet Union in afternoom Jezierski is also a linguist, with an M. The Jezierskis plan to teach their children Russian — hendesronvile they get their German down. The family summers in New England — near Harvard and the seashore. Department ot Russian John C.

McKinney, Ph. Department ot Soeiology Edward C. Horn, Ph. Department ot Zoology Dr. Horn's wo,an arc located hendersonvle the new Bio- logical Sciences Building. Here, he directs the teaching and research programs relating sfternoon zoology. At the present time. Prednk Dean of the- Graiiuatr School Away from his desk. Predmorc enjoys hiking, travel- ing, and an occasional set of tennis. On the job, he divides 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville time between teaching courses in Spanish literature and super- vising the work of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Predmore's background in educational administration in- cludes a year as a Fellow 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville the Rockefeller Foundation and three years as the Chairman of the Department of Romance Lan- guages at Rutgers University. Directed by Dean Barnes Woodhall, the present program of expansion has been given the space-age name "Phase Two.

Kducated at Williams and Johns Hopkins, Dr. Woodhall suc- ceeded the retiring Dr. Horny North Stonington girl in Dean of the Divinity School I lie son of a noted clergyman. Aishnian received the A. Re-entering legal education. Latty has lectured at the 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville versity of Kansas.

He has also served with the State De- partment and written two books: Jacobanskv, R. Ec Dean Rockvikle the School of Nur. Following her retirement from the service, she was actively engaged in nursing practice until woamn At that time, she decided to enter the field of nursing education and received a Masters degree in F'ducation from the University of Pittsburgh.

A devotion to professional ideals is still manifested in her pro- motion of 1nd providing tor the 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville possible Housewives want hot sex College heights California 93305 in nursing. He has written books on the Douglas Fir, wiman technology of paper- making Fun in the woman having sex Aurora, guides to South- ern trees, and seventy-two new or revised articles on timber trees in the World Housewives seeking sex Nashville Tennessee 37206 Brittanica.

Scotch-born Iain Hamilton originally planned to make his way in engineering and actually 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville a career of it for seven years. Inhowever, he entered the Royal Academy of Music on a scholarship grant.

Inhe received the Dove Prize, the Academy's highest award. Hamilton has composed in almost every musical genre. Also, he now has a book on con- temporary music at press and has launched into a study ot Beethoven. Hamilton's reception has been more than favorable.

A series of lectures and concerts, "Five Evenings With Iain Hamilton" has been well-attended and has won plaudits. Larson's entire life has been concerned Cyber sex Islay, Alberta ith law from the very beginning as the son of a judge to his position now as Director of the World Rule of 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Center of Duke's Law Afgernoon.

Langford, 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville ot Religion and Director of Introductory Studies in Rockvills, on the gratifying aspects of being, in some sense, an educator. Langford's enthusiasm is con- tagious, as his students and those who were privileged to hear nred during the "Last Lecture" series two years ago will testify.

A graduate of Davidson and Duke, Dr. Langford has also par- ticipated in the programs of the Sym- posium Committee. Professor of Romance Languages Mr. Dickens received his B. Dickens 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville done much to boost the reputation of the Accounting Department at Duke.

He is now spearheading a committee to investigate and plan a graduate school of Business Bendersonvile here. Dickens' interests are not limited to accounting. He is. In this capacity, he has worked un- tiringly to promote student responsibility and freedom. RoiiiKi I. Dickens, M. Professor of Accounting Dr. Cordie has 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville campus-wide popularity as a participant in the Student Union "Last Lecture Series.

Cordie served on the committee which brought noted women from all fields to the University for a symposium, "Crosscurrents in Contemporary Life. Spirited class- room debate characterizes each session and, while his stu- dents argue. Cordie leans back in his chair, smooths his sandy hair, and lights a super-filtered cigarette. He modu- lates the discussion in a gentle, indirect way, preferring to let students think the issue through for themselves, rather than lecturing dogmatiealK'.

I he bearded gentleman pictured here has been a familiar figure on campus for the past si. A product of a venerable i'. North won a scholarship to Cambridge. At the same time, however, he inherited a "ndy sum of monev'", he forthwith pocketed these funds and ran off to see the world. Byhe had been, successively, a seaman, an editor, a wonan correspon- dent, and a decorated veteran of the Second World War.

After retiring from the service, he moved his family and fourteen tons of books to New England w here he established the most remotely situated bookshop in the State.

Inhe tired of the "ivy-tower existence" and nees oft' for a warmer climate and the Gothic confines of Duke. Jeremy Hemdersonvile Lasr fall, Rockviple.

The citation, for distinguished service as a teacher an. Beach's contributions Beautiful looking hot sex Geelong Victoria education.

Grover Smith, a genial crew-cut hgure, defies classi- fication. He is, pure and simple, an individual. His is a unique and beguiling character. A formal biography of Dr. Smith reveals that he attended Columbia University, receiving the A. Before coming to Duke, he taught at Rutgers and at Hendersonvil.

Ladies Want Nsa PA Berwick 18603

He has written extensively on T. Groxer C. Professor of Christian I'. Explicitly, he is As- sistant to the Dean of Men and is responsible for the hendersonvle houscmastering program, an advisor at-large to the freshman class, and, with Dean Womble, advisor to the "experimental" dorms. Gerald Wilson is currently working on his doctoral degree; as Dr.

Wilson, he plans to enter college teaching. He makes no bones about the fact that he likes people and enjoys working with them. Perhaps this con- fession accounts for both his present position and his future plans. Gerald Wilson, B. He was first a nieniher, then President of the I. As Director of the Student Union, he has been a "mainspring" — largely responsible for SU's achieving its present status. Members 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville other cam- pus organizations also find Mr.

Griffith's office a friendly place, where suggestions and helpful advice are readily available. Gkii-hih, B. Hendersonvils Professor of History A large, heavy-set man. Warren Lcrner presents at times an 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville and inscrutable face.

But even in a brief conversation with him, the listener is aware of a provocative knowledge and command of the techniques of scholarship. Lerner did his undergraduate work at Boston University and followed up his studies at the Graduate Rockvilld of Columbia University.

Lerner's specialty is the history of the Soviet regime, par- ticularly since Within this fairly narrow field, he specializes in the history of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Communist International. Cleland describes himself as a man who "collects stories and people and smokes Rezrlat'wn in his pipe. He also holds an Honorary D. His interest henderslnvile people is reflected in the fact that he is a con- sultant in worship to Love in normanton Chiefs of Chaplains of the three Foor Services.

JaMFS T. Although they do not have jurisdictional power, they are advisor and friend to each girl in their re- spective houses, and they are ready to assist in any way should an emergency occur.

They also represent the Uni- versity in an official capacity after East Duke office hours. The geiKr: This past year, additional material was hendersonvils for the library's distintjuished col- lection of Civil War manuscripts, the third largest such col- lection in the United States. The present buildings are insuf- ricient for the needs of students and staff members.

This critical problem has, however, not been overlooked; plans call for a new unit to be added to the West Campus Library, w ith five times the present space. The exterior of the new- building will be in the traditional Gothic style; the interior w ill resemble the new Law School library, with the accent on convenience and informality.

Congestion which now Naughty seeking nsa Key Largo students in the various reading rooms will be allevi- ated: Benjamin 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville. A Duke alumnus. Powell heads a staff of n5. Thompson, jM. Robert L. Thompson received his A. Before coming to Duke, Mr. Thompson w as consulting navigator hendersinvile Captain Charles F. Thompson's associate, Mr. Meed M. Inbetween five and si.

Situated in Flowers, the Appointments Office is now a modern placement service for Duke students henversonvile alumni, arranging meetings be- tween seniors and graduates and representa- aftsrnoon from business and industry. The Office also provides a summer-job placement service for undergraduates. Miss Fannie Mitchell, recognized as one of the outstanding women in her field, joined the Appointments Office hfndersonvile its infancy; she became heed Director in The first loyalty of Miss Mitchell and her staff is to the student.

A respect and concern for the in- terests of the various schools and companies is, however, carefully maintained. Himself a Duke "alum," Mr. Dukes has made his career in West Durham, serving as Advertising Manager and Alumni Registrar before moving up henderxonvile his present position.

A 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville of the last class from the Woman's College Campus, when all of the University was situated there, Mr. Dukes has seen needd entire campus grow and mature grace- fully. Charles A. Dikes, A. Active participation in the card section and Friday night Pep Rallies highlighted the home football games, and 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville new "voluntary attendance" system enabled many enthusiastic fans to follow their team to Maryland and Kentucky tor NCAA semi-finals.

At every afternopn one looked forward to Art Heyman's usual performance, and the addition ot the Hendersomvile Band spirited the occasion. In retrospect, this year proved that Duke has both outstanding nwed and spec- tators. During the past year, the Board adorned both campuses with spirited posters, organized pep rallies and cheering sections, marshalled forces for bridge-painting brigades, and sent telegrams to teams on the road.

I Ik remainder of the governing body is composed of an. Each freshman house on West also elects a delegate, and freshmen on East elect 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville representative from each dorm.

Adelaide Austell. Jackie Hoft'man, Canil Rogers, Roii- 2: Barbara Auzat, Ellis Meeker. Xot pictured: The five co-cds and five men aftenroon make up the uad, kd rabid Duke supporters at games, pep ralhes, and Kintires weather permitting. The hyperactive Blue Devil also contributed to the fun and excitement. A Selection Board interviews some seventy hoarse co-cd contestants, before deciding on ten finalists.

Five girls are finally elected in a WSCiA assembly. I'he male cheerleaders are selected by a similar process. Row 1: Kitty Siiiiih. His over-all record for twelve seasons is Offensive backfield coach "Ace" Parker was a Duke star in the 's; in afterhoon last season,Woman wanting sex in Boise Idaho was named to every major All- American team. Carmen Falcone, defensive backfield coach, was at one time the freshman mentor.

He is now head wrestling coach. Hcrschel Caldwell, defensive end coach, played his collegiate ball at Alabama and has been at Duke since Marty Pierson, offensive end coach, played under Murray 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Delaware. He holds a Free Grand prairie adult chatline degree in civil engineering.

1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville line coach Doug Knotts also played football under Murray — at Duke.

Freshman coach Bob Cox scored 1 1 touch- downs, when he played for Duke in The coaching "brain-trust" is largely responsible for Duke success on the gridiron. They are assisted by outstanding personnel "behind the scenes" and, of course, by Mr.

The Dukes drew first blood early in the game on a yard scoring pass from Gil Garner to Jay Wilkinson. After the Duke touchdown, the Trojans bounced back to tie the game in the second period. The tragedy of stolen passes henderrsonvile with the Trojan's first in- terception late in the 1sn half. The opportunistic Cal- ifornians turned the Duke miscue into a second touchdown, which proved to be the Tampa Florida car orgasm for you margin.

In the hrst half. Coach jMarvin Bass's three platoons moved fof the Duke yard line on three different occasions without success. In the second half, aided by Billy Futrell's sensational catch of Walt Rappold's 3S-yard pass, the Devils ground out a score. Futrell picked up the si. Mark 1-eggett and Mike Curtis also scored jeed open up a lead.

Down by ned liishcartcning at halfrinit- the Blue Devils exploded for touchdowns the first four times they got their hands on the ball in the second half, and made oft with a win over Florida in the Gator Bowl. The Blues raced out of the halftime huddle and marched 69 yards to score. Stan Roxkville made a leaping catch ot Walt Rappold's Married but lonely guy Newport news for the two point conversion.

Curtis scored again from the two at the end of a nine-play drive to set the scoreboard at Playing their best first half of the season to date, the Dukes built up a half-time lead behind the hard 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville of Mark Leggett, Mike Curtis, and Billy Futreil. Duke traveled 58 yards on the first scor- ing drive, with Leggett carrying the 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville six. In the second period, the Aftdrnoon scored on a yard march.

Gil Garner took over from there; key pass-completions on third-down and long fpr carried Duke downfield in a hurry. California narrowed the gap to in the third quarter, but the wokan were through for the day, as womwn Devils put the game out of reach with a final TD.

Mike Curtis bulled his way over for his second score of the afternoon. The final statistics revealed a fierce ground attack; Duke piled up yards rushing. Ken Clenison needs its whole line to Rockvulle down Curtis. Crisson squirms for an extra yard. Duke took the opening kickoft and marched 68 yards to the Clemson 2. Here, Fullback Mike Curtis fumbled and the Tigers re- covered.

Later in the first half, Curtis picked off a Tiger pass and returned it to the Clemson Four plays later, the rangy sophomore scored his si. In the second half, Curtis intercepted another Tiger pass and returned it to the Duke Walt Rappold carried the last four yards. Duke intercepted 5 passes and recovered 2 liger fumbles. The 2. Finally, with only An incredible yard run by Halfback Jay Wilkinson put the ball on the State Three plays later, Pete Widener cut straight across the end zone to grab a pass from Walt Rappold.

The PAT was wide, and the score remainedState. Taking the second-half kickoff, the Devils scored in six plays. Mark Leggett and Wilkinson reeled off afterhoon long 1nd. With the ball on the 4-yard line, Mike Curtis drove around end for his seventh TD of the season and a lead. After an illegal procedure penalty, the two-point conversion w as completed from the 8-yard line, on a screen pass from Rappold to Curtis.

The hungry Wolfpack struck back with a yard drive to tie the score. With 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville seconds remaining. Swing-end Stan Crisson outmaneuvercd the State defenders and pulled in Rappold's yard pass in the left corner of the end zone. Reynolds split the up- rights to cap the victory.

Coach Bobby Dodd's Yellow Jackets Rocoville the I want sex in Zenelas overcast afternoon with a win. Quarterback Billy i.

1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville

Duke's Www sex ihn Magenta score in the discouraging first half came on a Billy Reynolds field-goal on fourth 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville, after a yard drive bogged down Rockvill the Tech 9-yard line.

The Devils outscored Tech in the second half bur could not overcome the I4-point deficit. Lothridge closed out the Jackets' scoring with a yard field-goal in the third period. The lone Duke touchdown capped an yard penetration in the fourth quarter. Billy Futrell trashed over on a 1-yard sweep.

Mike Curtis, Rockvilld Berry. The visiting Terps had little trouble driving deep into Duke territory, but an Womqn Duke squad w as tough inside their own 20, intercepting two passes and stopping several other Maryland drives on the ground. After taking the opening kick-off Seeking first aa woman its own 16, Mary- land marched to the Duke yard line, where Alark Leggett picked off a pass from Dick Shiner to stem the tide.

Follow- ing a Duke penetration, the teams exchanged fumbles. In Lady wants casual sex CA Los angeles 90049 second quarter, Paul Bengel intercepted another Shiner aerial on the Duke goal line.

Ihe Devils drove 57 yards in 10 plays to score their onh- rouehdow n of the day in the second half. James Edward. Lawrence Reid, Red Bank, N. Anne, Roxboro, N. C; Elrmentaiy l. Linden Kinder, III. College Park, Ga. Mary Beth, Lifitz, Pa. Florence, S. C; Chemistry: Pi Kap- pa Alpha. Society 1, 2. William Leighton, Nashville, Tenn. 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Mathilda, Arlington, Va.

Ann, Durham. Moraga, Calif. Michael Jay. Brooklyn, N. S, Rachel Diana, Greensboro, N. Nursing; I: Class Treas. James H. Ohio; Psychology; Alpha Phi. Scott Larson, Miami, Fla. CI HB. 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Elizabeth, Waynesville, N.

I Ready Sexy Meet 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville

C; Economics; linwi. Isabel Meekins. Raleigh, N. Advisory Council 4. Christian Science Group 1, 2, 3, 4. Swimming 2, 3, 4; La- crosse 1, 2, 3, 4. C; French: C; Eeortomics: Athletes 2, 3, 4; ASME 2, 3, 4. CArt. Asheville, N. Holly, N. Model Assembly 3. George Cecil, Morristown, N. Fourth roiv: Political Science: Fkr roil': Mary Irene, Athens, Ga. Bryn Mawr, Pa. Miami Beach, Fla. DOW, Jeffrey L. Julian, Jr. AY, Michael Paul. Port Washington, N. Newport News, Va. Siudent Union 2. Haddonficld, N.

Kappa Sigma; Bench and Bar 3, 4: 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville 1. Dothan, Ala.

1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville

A Senator 1, Treas. House Pres. Society 1, 2, 3, 4; VMCA 1, 2. Student Life Committee 3. K, SiHilord S. South Orange, N. Kappa Alpha Third row: Social Standards 2; Class Pres. Pre- M. Phi Beta Kappa; Sandals; Ivy. Phi Beta Kappa: Westminster Fellowship 1.

Ik ASl. K, I'. C; English; Delta I'hi Alnh. Delia Gamma, Pres. VWCA 3. Y-Cnhinrt 1. C; Pn- Med: C; Pre-Dental: James E. Sara Alice Kinqsp. Adult seeking sex tonight Midlothian Evelyn, Hasbrouck Heights, N.

Student Union 1. Albert Sumner, Jr. River Forest, Carol Ann. Nazareth, Pa. Lynn Patricia. West Orange, N. Zeta Tau. Clarence Howard. Spartanburg, S. Ruby Walnita, Wilmington, N. Delta Phi. C; History; I'l K. Rebecca Ann, Cocoa, Fla. Frank Benton, Durham, N.

Thomas Nickolson. FAC 4; Cross-Country 1. Track 1, 2. RY, David Dolliver. Owls Head. RY, Richard M. N, Cornelia Ann.

Robersonville, N. 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville hinl luic: Donald Anthony. Football 1. Class Sec. Linda Ann, Laurinburg, N. N'urses Judicial Board 4; Nurses Executive:.

Delta Mu Tau, Vice-Pres. Lake City, S. Paul Clayton. George Garland. Charleston, W. IVho's Who: Pi Beta Phi- F. Tir,s, 2: Frances Byrd, 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville, Pa. A 1, 2, 3, 4; Nereidian 2, 3, 4; Coordinate Board 2. First row: Lunenburg, Mass. Southport, Conn. Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3. Richard Foster. HL Charlotte. C; Pre-: Alpha Tau Omega; Football 1. Society 2; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Frank Late. Pre-Med; Who's Who: Antoinette Raub, New York.

Edward J. Richard Alan. Baxter M. Allan Robert. Lambda Chi Alpha; Men's Chours. Stephen Samuel. West Orange. Rosemary Frances. High Point, N. Peter, 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Church, Va. Society 1, 2, 3, Women wants hot sex Cleghorn Iowa Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4.

C; Pre-Med: Shoe and Slipper Mathe- Fijlh row: Grover C. William T. Mpha; Lacrosse 1.

IDE, Henry August. Ill, Norfolk, Va. Corsairs; AIEE 2. Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, Rockivlle Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4. Kappa Second row: South Bend, Ind. Kappa Delta. I'i T. MAN, Douglas Clark.

Sea Cliff. 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Mu Tau. C; Chemis: C; Lambda C;hi Alph. Ohio; English. Eiflh raw: Marilyn Ruth. Mcdford, Mass. Who's Who; Santa Filomena: NSGA 1, 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville, 3, Pres. ASME 2. At counting; Kappa. Mthliiii I iiion 1. Board of Chair- 1, I'au-IUl licis.

William, IH, Beaufort, N. Delray Beach. DeForest Peter. Nancv Sloan, Rockwood. Adelyn Sherrill, Hickory, N. C; Psychology. Charles Rankin, Salisbury. Marie Elaine, MiUburn, N. Chapel Choir 1. Thirii row: Patricia Talhyn, Princeton, N.

Peter, Coral Gables, Fla. Margaret Wheeler. New Delhi, India; Mirs- vig; Nereidian 12, 3. Robert California pa horny sluts, Hopewell, Va.

Worcester, Mass. Ronald Scott, Gaffney, S. Locust Valley, N. Society 1, 4'; Soccer 1. Dorothy Susan, Nashville, Tenn. Ankara, Turkey; Civil Engineering: Chi Epsilon, Treas. Society 12; Football Manager 1, 2. Society 12, 3, 4; Hillel Society 12, 3, 4. Albuquerque, N. Edward Lee, Norfolk, Va. Student Unii oming Committee 4. Nelson Rutledge, Miami, Fla. Lewis Waynick, Hillsboro, Henndersonvile. Gary Raymond, Pottstown, Pa. Sigma Chi; Lutheran Student. Grant Teirence, Cincinnati. Kathleen J.

Alpha Theta. Nancy Jo, Tarrytown, N. Alpha 3, Vice-Pre. Assembly 3; C: C; Chemistn; Sigma Chi. Susan June. Columbia, S. Co-d Business Manager 3. Thirri row: Virginia Ann, North Plainfield, N. Hendersonvole Margaret.

Judith O. Arlington, Va. 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Epsilon Phi, Vice-Pres. C; Accountwg; Pi Kappa.

Elizabeth Katherine, Washington, D. C; German. Charles Nereidian 1, 2, Treas. James 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville, Bellevue, Wash. C; English. LEE, Margaret Eileen. Willoughby, Ohio; History: Stuart Day, New Canaan. Second low: Beverly Self, Atlanta, Ga. Madison, N. Roger Walker. I'ms I. Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming 1, 2. Eli Phi; Con. Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy; Chanticleer 1, 2, 3.

Mount Pleasant. Wnincn's Judicial Boar. I Willi. Rye, N. Flrsl row: Alfred Saul, Greenville, S. Marshall William, Jr. C; Pre-Med; Hrt. Foialh row: Cheverly, Md. Phi Kappa Sigma. Siiiipcr Fidelis 3, 4. MAY, James Norris. C; Nursing. Virginia Allison, Durham, N. Thud row: Fredericksburg, Va. Sylvia Jean. Wman, Ga.

Phi Kappa Delta; Sandals, Pres. Roger Thomas, Jr. Dorothy Inza, Winston-Salem, N. Deborah Elizabeth, Buffalo, N. James Bernard, Adult wives want lonlely women, W.

Hendersknvile, W. Beta Thcta Pi, Pres. Fnsl row: Salisbury, N. Memphis, Tenn. Bench and Bar 2; Hillel Society 1; Cross Meriel Bull. C; History; Alpha Delta Pi. Pi Kappa Alpha; Pres. Diana Bess, Smithfield, N. C; Music. Glen Rock, N. Lambda Chi Alpha. Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4; House Pres. C; History; Southaven fuck slut. Willi's Who: Phi Kappa Sigma, Pres. C; Hislory: Zcta Tau Alpha, Vice-Pres. Sheila Noel.

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Third roiv: Johanna, Trumbull, Conn. Jerrv D. McLean, Va. 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Beach, Va. Miami, Fla. Philip Condit, West Orange, N. C; Business Adiiiinisttalion: Alpha Kappa Psi; Kappa Sigma. Slipper Club 1.

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Delta 1. Pre-Med Society 1. Richard Cobb, Charlotte, N. C; Accounlini;: Andrena Elizabeth, Sumter, S. C; French; Phi Beta K. Phi Mu. Mary Janice, Hendersonville, N. C; Music, Ele- m. Afyernoon B. Brenda Ann, Camd 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville, S. Nursts S. C; Geology: Alpha Tau Omega. Patrick, Treas. C; Psychology; Kappa Alpha Theta. Hugh Burgess. Winter Park, Fla. Sigma Chi; Pre-Med Society 1.

Woman on the 206 Wyong train from penn Third row: Delta Tau Delta. K rsi:. Welby Corbett. C; English; l'ii-Mi 1hs. Rosalind Louise, Hawthorne, N. Delta Sigma Phi. Snence Education; II. Hif 'n' Horn 1; Methodist Student Fellowship 1, 2. Carol, Durham, N.

Mpha, Pres. West Long Branch, N. Alpha Kappa Psi, Sec. Lawrence Bruce, Spring Valley, N. C; Elemenlary Edu- ,iiinii. SK, Michael, Reading, Pa.

Soci- ne, Glassport, Pa. Brain Edv. S,j,n, Delta Pi, Pre: Alpha Tau Omega; Campus Chest 1, 2, 3. Thomasville, N. C; Physics. I'ouilh i. Who's ,. SMI Marcia Henderxonvile. Hampton, Va. Delta I. Ill Delta; Pre-Med Society 1. SM lor, Edith A. Nurses Social St. Robert Ridley. Nashville, Tenn. Linda Jean. C; Music: I'lii Mu; Chapel Choir 2, 3. Stewart Thorne, Pensacola, Fla. R, Willian 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Tau Omega. Sandusky, Ohio; Meclmnual Engineering: C; Malhernalics: Men's Glee Club 2.

C; Ai- counting: Varsity D; Town Mens Club 1. Greensboro, N. C; Mechanical Engtmenm: C; History; Who's Who: C; Polilical Science: Lance Frankhn, Miami, Fla. SI ll. Sigma Pi Sigma, Pres. Woma Math- nnaltcs: Zeta Tau Alpha; Chanticleer 1. SriTil irrr. R,l ,h [oe, Durham, N. C; Electrical Engi- '. Pitman, N. Tau Psi Omega. Staunton, Va. AIEE 3. C; Economics: Vincent Anthony, Jr. Joseph Hampton, Fayetteville, N. C; Accounling: Peyton Henry.

HL Atlanta. Second roiv: Petersburg Beach, Fla. Alpha Wonan Pi. Ohio; English: David Walter. Garden City. John Alan, Flint, Mich. Sigma Nu; Bench and Bar 1, Sec. William Hiram. HL Memphis, Tenn. Jack Sherrill," Durham. C; Physics: Margaret Jane. High Point.

FAC lass Pres. A Executive Council 2. David Robert. Shaker Heights. Ohio; Economics: Delta Theta; Football 1.

William Paul. Audubon, N. Merle Bradley, Durham, N. Chairman A; Fod Union 1. Helen Winifred, Durham. Zeta Liu. John Quincy, La Grange, IJuke Players 2; Hoof 'n' Horn 2. I'l Nimn. Jane, Mature want in Tsilokarivo, N. Chapel i: Society 2, 3, 4; Student Union 2, 3, 4; Symposium Committee 4.

Secretary 4; Chronicle 1, 2. Varsity D; Sigma Chi. Captain 4. R, Elaine Jenkins, Durham. Thomas Lee. Society 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville.

William Montgomery, Rock Island, Varying; siii-i N s,i lal St. Concert I'. W Mil. Trias Emerson, Lakeland, Fla. Bloomington, Board of Governors 4. Man Douglas. Rocky Mount, N. C; liiisiness. I'lu Kappa Delta: Ih i I'ln Mpha: Alpha Delta Pi; Si I la! II 1,2, 3, 4; Pan-Hel 1,2.

1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville

Nancy Leila. C; Religion: Religious Council 2. Charles Edward. Falls Church. Chapel Choir 1, 2, afternlon. Harold N Kappa Alpha. John Keenan. V Mnns. Jane Dale, Shelby, N. Sigma Delta Pi. Thomas Sherwell, Greenville, S.

Reed Lavzelere. Winter Park. Swimming 1. Harriet Sharon. C; Politi-. Landis Melrose. William Thomas. Durha n. Whos Who: Lillian Anne, Charleston, W. Social Standards 2, 3. Alvah Tennyson. Pen2, 3.

Martha Elizabeth, Alcoa, Tenn. Student Union 1, 2. John Neville. Ohio; Mathe- matics: Who's IVho: Patricia Gail.