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Leadership: Surviving & Thriving--Our Social Need

Recently I learned that one in ten girls in Ethiopia does not have a friend. This is heartbreaking… but it also reminds me that all of us--including executives--have a need to be connected. For the young girl in Ethiopia, it is literally about surviving, and thriving. For the executive, being connected is a qualitatively different experience but it, too, is about surviving and thriving. We are human and we have social needs.

What They're Saying

"One billion dollars and more in services and products is sizable for a division, however; the real measure is in the value we provide our customers and our commitment to increasing that value. You were a key player in that progress by tapping into and drawing out the potential in me in my role as Executive Director… You have collaborated with us as coach, advisor and friend."

John Ely, Executive
Information Technology

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